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2018 National Health Costs at $11,172 per person

National Health Costs for 2018 reached an estimated level of $11,172 per capita (per person). Which means every man, woman and child spent on average, nearly $31 EACH DAY (either through insurance, out-of-pocket costs or taxes) to pay for America’s healthcare. This represented 17.7 percent of GDP, $3.6 trillion. Although health spending increased 4.6% in 2018, the percent of GDP was down slightly from 2017, when it was 17.9%.  Medicare spending grew 6.4%, Medicaid growth was 3.0%; private insurance was up 5.8%. Out of pocket grew 2.8%. Retail prescription drug spending was up 2.5%. Freestanding nursing care facility spending was up just 1.4%. CMS data

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