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New Jersey Patient Safety Summary (pdf)

New Jersey Patient Safety Summary shows patient safety events in NJ for 2019 and prior years. Detailed summary of patient safety events that occurred in NJ hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers also shows breakout by type of hospital, e.g. psychiatric or rehab hospital. Events include Falls, Suicides, Pressure Ulcers, Surgical mishaps such as Retention of Foreign Object, Device failures, Wrong Site Surgeries and more. There were 400 reportable events in general acute hospitals; more than 160 events in outpatient surgery centers, and 37 events in End Stage Renal Disease Centers. More than 600 events across all healthcare facilities, including 90 deaths. Nursing homes are not included. General discussion of increased length of stay, deaths and other outcomes resulting from the preventable problems, what the root causes were and a count of Near Misses. State aggregate data only. No updates or reports on 2020, 2021 or 2022 safety problems. New Jersey Health Department. The full report analyzes 2019 events (published August 2022).

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