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New York Angioplasty/Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI) Ratings (pdf)

Compare New York hospital and physician-specific ratings for PCI, also known as PTCA (angioplasty) or coronary stenting. Hospital survival rates (risk-adjusted mortality rate – RAMR) show which hospitals and which cardiologists are significantly better or worse than the state average. In-hospital/30 day risk-adjusted rate was 0.83% for non-emergency cases 2018. When emergency cases are added in, the 2018 observed mortality rate goes up to 1.38%. Observed mortality rate for TAVR was 2.42% (2016-2018). Consumers can also find volume and survival information by cardiologist’s name (2016-2018), which New York has been reporting for years. NY State Department of Health report is 79 pages; published April 2022.

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