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New York – Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP) – Approved Labs for all types of testing

Find approved laboratories in New York and other states, under the Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP). Labs approved for certain specialty testing are listed by category of testing. Examples include Andrology (fertility assessment e.g. sperm count), Blood transfusion testing, Blood plasma processing, Cellular Immunology, Endocrinology (e.g. thyroid function tests, TSH), Virology, Genetic testing, Toxicology labs, Trace Element labs, Transplant monitoring, labs for oncology tumor markers; many more. More than 650 labs overall in New York. Other states may also have approved labs listed here. For example in May 2022, there were 7 approved labs listed in Minnesota, 10 in Illinois, 77 in California (including 23andMe), 11 in Florida, 33 in Pennsylvania and 34 in Texas.

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