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Oklahoma – Average Hospital Inpatient Charges

Find the average charge (closest available to inpatient cost) for a Oklahoma hospital stay (compare OK hospital prices) by Principal Diagnosis (i.e., disease) or DRG. Example we found was the average price in Oklahoma for mental illness was $23,723 in 2016, with an average length of stay of 9.4 days. (With medical inflation, the mental illness cost would be $26,767 in 2021 dollars.)  Statewide or county-specific statistics on volume and average length of stay also found in this dataset. May specify data for a certain age group and sex, but not specific procedures such as a knee replacement. Geared to researchers and health care professionals, rather than for consumers. If this website was meant for consumers, it would get the User-Unfriendly Award due to its complicated diagnosis choice sections. 2016 data are the most recent available as of April 2021, from OK2SHARE by the OK State Dept. of Health’s Health Care Information.

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