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Opinions on Greatest Health Problems in US – Gallup Poll 2022

In most recent Gallup Poll results August 2022, more people were very or somewhat negative on the healthcare industry, than were very or somewhat positive; (47% negative vs. 40% positive.)  This is a dramatic shift from 2020 results when healthcare received 51% support during the first pandemic year. As for cost, 77% of Americans were dissatisfied with the total cost of healthcare in Gallup poll Nov. 2021. However, while cost and access had been selected in the past as the top two most urgent health problems facing the country, that changed in both 2020 and 2021. Number 1 issue was flu/viruses, named by 47% of those surveyed in Nov. 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic was clearly felt to be more urgent than other healthcare issues. While most (56%) saw healthcare (insurance) coverage as a federal government responsibility in Nov. 2020, they preferred a private system rather than a government-run system. Trends back to 2000 are shown. Running list of results from Gallup polls.

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