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Pennsylvania Hospital Performance Report 2019 | PHC4

Find hospital performance reports in Pennsylvania for 2019, through PHC4. Compare PA hospitals on Mortality Rating (relative survival rate), Average Charge (price), and Readmission rates. Sixteen (16) conditions in the reports include heart failure, abnormal heartbeat, heart attack, angioplasty and stent, pneumonia, stroke, intestinal obstruction, COPD, diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, sepsis, chest pain, and respiratory failure. Grouped by region. As an example, there were 70,000 sepsis cases in Pennsylvania in 2018-2019, with an average mortality rate of 8.7% (a great improvement from 5 years earlier), and an average charge nearly $63,000; about 18% were readmitted. There were 26 hospitals that had worse mortality than expected for sepsis; and 18 hospitals that had significantly lower mortality than expected. Symbols for Mortality ratings can be confusing – a higher mortality rating means worse survival.  Older reports may have laparoscopic gallbladder removal information. No orthopedic (hip or knee) surgery included. Data from Oct. 2018 to Sept. 2019, published by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4), December 2020.

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