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Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing: Which Phrase is Better?

Which phrase is better: “Social Distancing” or “Physical Distancing”?  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the term “physical distancing” is much better. That’s because they want to emphasize the critical importance of maintaining physical distance and separation (about 6 feet) between people during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  We don’t have a vaccine, nor proven treatments to combat the disease. All we have are “non-pharmaceutical measures” for now, to slow the spread of the virus. Yet, we still want people to stay in touch with each other. Being social through digital technology and old-fashioned, but powerful techniques like phone calls and writing letters, will help offset the real and emotional challenges from loss of school, work and group entertainment. Consumer Health Ratings likes the term “physical distancing” while being socially connected.

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