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Prostate Cancer Surgery: How much does radical prostatectomy cost?

How much does a radical prostatectomy cost? A prostate cancer surgery study published in the medical journal Urology, found that facility costs averaged nearly $35,000 (+/- $20,000) for a radical prostatectomy (RP) procedure in the US. (In 2022 dollars, this would be nearly $47,000). Estimates were provided by 70 of 100 hospitals invited to submit prices for an uninsured 55 year old man. Facility fees ranged widely, from $10,000 to $135,000.  Academic medical center prices were statistically higher for the same theoretical patient. In addition, 10 hospitals provided numbers for surgeon and anesthesia fees, which averaged $8,280 (+/-$4282, ranging as high as $18,720).  Finally, about 1/3 of hospitals indicated they would discount the prices for prompt payment, an average of 34%. Research by Pate, Uhlman, et al, from the University of Iowa. Published March 2014.  Using a simple medical inflation factor, the combined cost of facility, anesthesia and surgeon fees would be about $58,000 in 2022 dollars.

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