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Readmissions to hospital in 30 days

A new report shows data on hospital readmissions within 30 days following an initial hospitalization. In 2018, the readmission rate for all payers combined was about 14 per 100 admissions. The average cost was $15,200. For a private insurance patient, the readmission rate was lower, but the average cost was higher, at $16,400. Charges would have been higher, but are not shown. Hospital readmissions are an important measure for assessing performance of the health care system. One strategy for improving health care quality and lowering costs is to reduce rates of preventable readmissions. High numbers of return to hospital occurred for septicemia. The second most common category was heart failure. The highest rate (36.1%) was for sickle cell trait/anemia. For Medicaid readmissions associated with sickle cell, the cost was close to $20,000 HCUP Statistical Brief #278 was published by AHRQ July 2021.

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