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Septicemia – Average Hospitalization Cost

Find the Average Hospitalization Cost for Septicemia (or sepsis). Admission to a hospital in 2009 for a principal diagnosis of septicemia cost an average of $18,500 ($26,900 in 2022 dollars). Average cost per day of $2,300 was estimated “true” cost – note, prices would have been higher. Septicemia required a 8.8 day length of stay. Many died in-hospital (16.3%), down from 2000. Average age at admission was 60. AHRQ Statistical Brief #122 published Oct. 2011. Consumers may be surprised to learn that Septicemia was the 2nd most common reason for hospitalization in 2015, after births. In 2016, CDC estimated that one in three patients who die in a hospital have sepsis. A different study by Premier found their average cost at about $70,000 per patient in September 2018, a significantly higher figure than the government report.

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