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Shoppable Services Hospital Prices – Rush Copley (self-reported)

Find self-reported hospital prices by Rush-Copley Medical Center (Aurora, IL) for the new mandated “shoppable services”. Consumers can use Rush Copley’s web estimate tool. They may select their insurance company, or ask for the uninsured price. For example, knee replacement would provide a 30% discount off charges. What might be a $69,000 charge, becomes about $48,000 with the discount. Insured patients may get a larger or smaller discount, depending on what their insurance company negotiated. All hospitals in the US are required to post both the gross charges and the discounted cash price for the same 70 services. This went into effect January 1, 2021. However, many hospitals were still not complying a few months into the year. Prices are expected to be available for many office visits, lab and imaging tests, surgery like gall bladder removal, tonsillectomy, hip or knee replacement, procedures such as colonoscopy, and many more. The Emergency Department (ER visit) 99283 (moderate severity) is priced at $1,960, but would be under $1,400 with a 30% discount off charges.

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