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Texas – Average Cost for Outpatient Procedures – 2020

Find the 2020 average cost (average charge) for outpatient procedures in Texas. The Top 50 by Average Charges Per Procedure shows an average price of $26,259 for a Level II arthroplasty (joint replacement or resurfacing) in 2020. A pacemaker cost about the same. Outpatient cardiac catheterization cost nearly $20,000. Some chemotherapy procedures were as high as $116,000. A cataract removal cost $6,588 on average. A Level 1 mastectomy was over $10,000 in charges. Only the most expensive outpatient procedures are listed, not necessarily the most common high-volume procedures. Add at least 5.2% medical price inflation to estimate 2022 prices. County-level prices are not available. Texas Health Data, from Texas Health Care Information Collection (THCIC).

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