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Texas Heart Bypass (CABG) Survival Rates

Find Texas hospitals with better survival rates for heart bypass (CABG).  Scroll to CABG at this State of Texas site, to find the 2016 report. Observed mortality rate was 2.84% for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft. The average charge for CABG was about $234,000.  The largest volume hospital for CABG surgeries (over 650 cases) was CHI St Lukes Health Baylor College of Medicine Medical Center in Houston, which had a 4.12% death rate. The highest observed mortality rate (8.08%) for CABG was at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo; it had about 100 cases in 2016. Reports are part of the section called Indicators of Inpatient Care in Texas Hospitals Present on Admission (POA) at

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