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Trends in Health Fitness

Worldwide Trends in Health Fitness for 2023. American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) lists findings from their annual survey. Wearable technology (including fitness trackers) remained the number 1 trend. Coming in at #2, was Strength Training, as Home Exercise Gyms dropped to 13th. Third top trend was Body Weight Training, pushing Outdoor Activities to 6th place. Fitness for Older Adults came in at #4, followed by Functional Fitness at #5. Online training dropped to #21 (from 9th place last year), as the pandemic waned. Online training – clearly pandemic related – dropped from 1st place last year, to #9. Survey sent to personal trainers and other health fitness professionals; 3% response rate (more than 3,500 responses). Published Jan.-Feb. 2023 issue of Health & Fitness Journal.

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