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Utah Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Charges – 2020 by facility

Compare costs of colonoscopies and cataracts at Utah hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.  These reports are easy to understand. Select SHOW ALL to see reports created March 2021, which compare charges through June 2020. Other reports in the Outpatient Box such as Utah Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Charges, 2019 – by facility, may not quite be ready for primetime. In the future, Utah may provide average charges for the top 20 outpatient procedures & ambulatory surgery at each Utah hospital and freestanding ambulatory surgery center. The “Charge Profile” currently lumps together all procedures and all charges for each facility, so the Outpatient Surgery reports are useful only to see counts of procedures, not prices. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Outpatient reports. The report format is in a difficult-to-read Excel format with CPT codes. One must exit “Protected View” to expand the cells and see details. Counts of colonoscopy, upper or lower GI endoscopy, EGD, polypectomy, knee arthroscopy, cataract and laser eye procedures, myringotomy (ear tubes), tonsillectomy, cardiac cath, pacemaker, spinal injection, cochlear implants, carpal tunnel release, complex laparoscopic procedures (e.g., lap choley gall bladder removal), and septoplasty may be available for hospitals and surgery centers. Report by Utah Department of Health.

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