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Virginia Health Information – Hospital Cardiac Care

Compare Cardiac Care at Virginia hospitals, mortality (deaths) and readmissions for 2020. Provides side by side VA hospital comparisons for volume, whether the hospital performed better or worse than expected for patient survival rates. Cardiac cases are grouped by type: Medical cardiology including heart attack, heart failure, Invasive cardiology. including cardiac cath, pacemaker, angioplasty PCI, and Open Heart surgery, valves and CABG (heart bypass). Sort by Mortality rating to see top performers on the top of the list. This report shows 3 hearts are better than one. Click on the hospital name to see full reports where outpatient charges are shown for some procedures (2019 prices along with number of cases), efficiency (including average charge per admission, before and after discounts, all patients – not just cardiac), 2020 financial results, charity care, 2020 hospital service line numbers, and patient satisfaction levels (20120-21) are shown. Add at least 8.2% to 2019 prices to adjust for medical inflation costs to 2022. Prepared by Virginia Health Information (VHI), an organization recognized as the source for health data reporting in Virginia. Updated February 2022.

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