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WA Medical Group Health Care Waste Calculator (Washington Health Alliance)

Compare 32 WA medical groups by how much health care waste they generate. Report by Washington Health Alliance used the Milliman MedInsight Health Waste CalculatorTM (Calculator) to rate medical group performance on 47 measures. The Alliance studied over 9.5 million services using these 47 measures of common treatments, tests, and procedures widely known to be overused. After classifying the services as either Necessary, Likely Wasteful or (definitely) Wasteful, they found about half of the 9.5 million services were probably not needed and therefore classified as “low-value”. Great improvement was made by the medical groups between 2014 and 2017. The top 10 low-value services are identified for both commercially-insured patients and Medicaid. Examples of overused services include annual cardiac screening if you’re low risk and have no symptoms; Opiates for acute low back pain in your first 4 weeks; Antibiotics for acute upper respiratory or ear infections. Consumers can potentially help avoid unnecessary costs by educating themselves on the top 10 low value services. Report titled “Right Care : First, Do No Harm: Calculating Health Care Waste in Washington State”. Alliance’s All Payer Claims Database was used in the 4-year analysis. Analysis is based on the national Choosing Wisely® program. Published October 2019 on .

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