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Arizona Assisted Living Ratings & Directory

Arizona Ratings and Directory of Assisted Living Facilities. Click Residential Facilities to find information on all licensed assisted living facilities in AZ, including deficiencies and citations from survey inspection reports in last 3 years. May search by city. Assisted Living Centers have 11 more residents; Assisted Living Homes have 10 or fewer in AZ. Categories are somewhat complicated. Click on Provider Type Info to see the definitions. Site operated as part of AZ Care Check from the Arizona Department of Health Services Division of Licensing.

California Assisted Living Inspection Reports

View California inspection reports on California Assisted Living facilities. Complaint history is included. Click on Elderly Assisted Living to get started. Easy to use. Very current to 2021. From CA Department of Social Services (dss) at

Colorado Health Facilities & Home Health – Complaints, Occurrences, Surveys

The Colorado Health Facilities site shows complaints, incidents (referred to as occurrences), inspection surveys, and adverse events that must be reported to the state for all types of health facilities licensed by Colorado. Includes hospitals, hospice and home health agencies, nursing homes, assisted living residences, ambulatory surgery centers, birth centers, dialysis clinics, outpatient physical therapy, adult day programs, community mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, portable x-ray services, and more. State government website by the CO Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Florida Inspection Reports – All health facilities, 2022

Look up recent inspection reports for all types of healthcare facilities in Florida. Site includes ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, birth centers, hospitals, clinics, home health, hospice, lab, MRI and imaging centers (see health care clinics), dialysis, rehab agencies, residential treatment centers and more. Both regular biennial inspection reports, and those from complaint investigations are included. Site by FL Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is easy to use. Updated for 2022

Illinois – Licensed Assisted Living Facilities (IDPH)

Find an Illinois assisted living facility licensed by IDPH – the IL Department of Public Health. Illinois provides a list of Assisted Living and Shared Housing Licensed Establishments. Alzheimer’s units are designated and bed counts shown. Use the filters to narrow your search by city. Last updated by Illinois in October 2021.

Maryland Compare Assisted Living Prices and Services

Maryland’s Assisted Living guide helps consumers compare services and costs on hundreds of Assisted Living Facilities (providing 10 or more licensed beds). The effective date of the prices (daily rate) is unclear, but suggests reported prices are current. The website has information on service levels; inspection report findings; percent of staff that got their influenza vaccination; and links to provider websites. Prepared by MD Health Care Commission.

Michigan Assisted Living Facilities – list & inspections

Michigan does not license assisted living facilities. However, consumers can do a Statewide Search for MI Homes for the Aged (which may advertise themselves as Assisted Living), group homes, or Adult Foster Care Homes. May search by county. Click on the organization’s name to find location & service details, as well as 2021 inspection reports. Site by the Michigan state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

North Carolina Adult Care Homes with Penalties

List of penalties, fines and violations at North Carolina adult care homes in the past three years. Organized by county. Adult care facilities in North Carolina have 7 or more beds, and are separately classified from Family Care Homes (2 – 6 beds), or from other assisted living facilities called multi-unit housing with services. Penalties issued were as high as $146,000. Any appeals underway are noted. Updated continuously in 2021 and 2022.

North Carolina Adult Care, Family Care, Assisted Living Star Ratings

Find assisted living star ratings in North Carolina. NC adult care homes, family care homes and assisted living villages receive a star ratings (0 to 4 stars) after their annual inspections. Search by city or county to see organizations side-by-side. Easy to use. From North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation; updated 2022. This site helps balance the advertising assisted living facilities may use. For example, as of Aug. 31, 2022, NC rated “Alamance House” in Burlington a “Zero Star” facility – the lowest possible rating, surveyed as recently as June, 2022. On its website, however, Alamance House advertised itself as “Exceptional Senior Living”. To the state, it looks exceptional at the wrong (bottom) end of the scale. The inspection report details the impact on residents from staffing problems.

Ohio – Assisted Living Search for Facility (Cost and Quality)

Search for an Assisted Living and Residential Care facility in Ohio. Ohio’s state long term care web site is easy to use. Can search by county or zip code and distance if you don’t know the names of the facilities. Consumers can also focus their search by choosing any of 14 different specialty services, such as Alzheimer’s/ Dementia, Advanced Skin Care, Rehabilitation Therapy, Special Diets, Hospice, Incontinence Care, Medication assistance, Dialysis, 24-hour nursing services, Transfer Assistance, or Transportation. Inspection survey and citations are listed. Daily Private Pay Rates are shown for some facilities in the detail. All Ohio facilities are encouraged to participate in the Consumer Guide. Updated for 2021.

Pennsylvania Assisted Living/Personal Care Home Inspection Reports and Directory

Find inspection reports for personal care homes or assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania. The directory is operated by the PA Department of Human Services. The licensed assisted living facility directory provides addresses, and inspection or violation reports. Includes facility size and whether non-profit or for-profit. There are many more Personal Care Homes, than Assisted Living. Check both categories (service codes). Search by county. Updated 2022.

Washington DC Assisted Living Inspection Reports

Assisted living inspection reports for Washington DC Find results of 2020 inspection reports in the District of Columbia. Select Intermediate Care Facilities, then Assisted Living Residences, then Survey Reports. No updates for 2021 or 2022 as of Sept. 2022.

Washington DC Health Care Facility Inspection Reports

Washington DC District of Columbia Health Department provides inspection reports online for their health care facilities. Includes nursing homes, assisted living, home care agencies, and more.  Intermediate Care Facilities Division has a lot of the types of providers you might be interested in. Click on Survey Reports. Fairly easy to use. However, inspection reports are rarely very easy to read. Nursing home reports appear to be current to 2021, but some nursing homes didn’t have any inspection last year. This Washington DC website is worth checking.

West Virginia Nursing Home Inspections and Lookup

Look up the results from state inspections and health investigations for WV nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Prepared by the West Virginia Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification (ohflac), in the Department of Health and Human Services. Updated with 2022 survey results.  Full reports are provided online, and are easy to navigate.

Wisconsin Assisted Living Facility Directories and Cost Ranges Editor's Pick

Find directories and cost ranges of four categories of Assisted Living facilities in Wisconsin. Provider profiles, using the Provider Search function, are provided for Adult Day Care, Adult Family Home, Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) and Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC). Each organization and facility has its own report that includes an Inspection Summary; No side-by-side comparisons. However, this link shows profiles by individual county to aid your search. It also provides a statewide WI directory for for each type of licensed assisted living service, which gives price ranges. The format is hard to read, but having the price ranges (low and high $) for each facility earns this site Editor’s Pick. Updated March 2022.

Other Helpful Listings

Connecticut Health Care Facility License – Verification

Verify health care facility licenses for Connecticut nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, hospice, hospitals, mental health facilities, outpatient clinics, surgical facilities, substance abuse and recovery care centers, residential care, and other health care services. To find nursing home information, select Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Home, and License Status “Active”. Inspection reports are included for many facilities. CT eLicense web portal site shows contact and management information. An upside to this site is that nursing home room rates are in the detailed reports. Consumers can also generate a roster only, by clicking on . However, it may be hard to read the roster unless familiar with Excel; it also has limited information.

North Carolina Multi-unit Assisted Housing with Services (Roster only)

Find a list of multi-unit assisted housing with services facilities in North Carolina. Roster shows address, size, and when the organization registered with the state of NC. Limited information, but shows facilities in all 35 North Carolina counties.

Texas Long Term Care and Home Health: Inspections and Complaints

Texas Long Term Care (LTC) Provider Search includes some inspection deficiencies and complaints for TX long term care nursing homes. Information on Assisted Living facilities, Intermediate care facilities, Daytime programs for adults, Home health, hospice and personal assistance services are also searchable. Shows inspection results, complaints, a little history and general information. Nursing Home Quality data are not shown, but hot-linked to the profile at federal NursingHomeCompare. Operated by Texas Health and Human Services. Current to 2022 although state inspection findings might not show up on Nursing Home Compare for more than 2 months after the inspection.

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