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Baldrige Award winners – winning applications

Baldrige Award winners for healthcare. Check this database to find the winning Healthcare Sector applications for the National Baldrige Award. Look for Award Application Summary, which is generally about 60 pages long. Each applicant’s organizational performance Results can be found in Category 7. Winners in 2020 were GBMC – Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and Wellstar Paulding Hospital in Hiram, Georgia. Winners in 2019 were Adventist Health White Memorial, in East Los Angeles, and Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa. There were no health care winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2021.

Adventist Health White Memorial – 2019 Baldrige Award Winner

Adventist Health White Memorial won the Baldrige Award in 2019. It is a private nonprofit “safety-net” hospital serving residents living in the community of East Los Angeles – “a densely populated enclave characterized by poor immigrant families, first-generation American households, gang members and homeless encampments.”

GBMC Greater Baltimore Medical Center – 2020 Baldrige Award Winner

GBMC Greater Baltimore Medical Center won the Baldrige Award in 2020. GBMC HealthCare System provides inpatient and outpatient care through its hospital and GBMC Health Partners.

Mary Greeley Medical Center – 2019 Baldrige Award Winner

Mary Greeley Medical Center won the Baldrige Award in 2019. It is a not for profit hospital in Ames, Iowa. It was originally built by Captain Greeley, a former Union Army officer during the Civil War, upon the death of his wife.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center – 2018 Baldrige Award Winner

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, based in Jasper, IN, won the 2018 Baldrige Award.

Wellstar Paulding Hospital – 2020 Baldrige Award Winner

Wellstar Paulding Hospital, in Hiram Georgia, has won the 2020 Baldrige Quality Award.

Southcentral Foundation – 2017 Baldrige Award Winner

Southcentral Foundation, a large primary care healthcare organization based in Anchorage, AK, received the 2017 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, just six years after its 2011 award winning application. While it’s not a hospital, see their leadership in access to care and primary care outcomes. Serves nearly 100% of the Alaska Native and American Indian population in its service area.

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