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Birth Control Information (MedlinePlus)

Information from MedlinePlus on Birth control; contraception, emergency contraception. Links to Vasectomy and Essure information

Contraceptive Use – Quick Statistics from NCHS

Quick statistics on contraceptive use from NCHS, the National Center for Health Statistics (part of CDC). Different types of contraception. Updated December 2022.

Teen Birth Rate, 2021

National Center for Health Statistics data brief on births in 2021, shows births were the lowest since 1980. For all ages, births increased by 1% from 2020 to 2021. But they remained below the level seen in 2019, pre-pandemic. Births to teen mothers continued to decline in 2021 The birth rate for teens ages 15-19 fell 6% in 2021. Birth rates to women ages 20-24 fell 2% in 2021. For women ages 30+, the birth rates increased in 2021. Cesarean section births remained at about 32% of the total. All age groups, states, and ethnic categories reported in CDC’s National Vital Statistics NVSS  (Births: Provisional Data for 2021) report, 11 pages, published May 2022.

Vasectomy Permanent Birth Control (Men) – Mayo Clinic

Read about vasectomy as permanent birth control for men, from the Mayo Clinic. Quick overview of vasectomy procedures, including effectiveness, side effects, reversal. From

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