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Canada Hospital Ratings and Reports

Examine your Canada hospital’s ratings reports on Access & Wait Times, Quality of Care, Spending, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, and Health Outcomes. Much of the data shown reflect province-wide or territory ratings. Some ratings are compared to the US. Includes HSMR – Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratios for deaths in 2019-2020. Shows repeat hospital stays for mental illness for 2019-2020. New measures such as waiting time for mental health counseling, have been added. Site provided by Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

Canada Wait Times for Priority Procedures 2022

The 2022 Canada Wait Times report for priority procedures are shown for Canada overall. Covers hip replacement, knee replacement, hip fracture repair, cataract surgery, and radiation therapy for 2021 and the past 5 years. Province data for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador shown as percent meeting the benchmark waiting times which range from 48 hours for hip fracture repair, to 28 days for radiation therapy, to 182 days for hip or knee replacement, to 16 weeks for cataracts. Waiting times overall for cancer surgery (prostate, bladder, lung, colorectal, and breast) and CT & MRI wait times are in the chartbook report for Canada as a whole. Updated May 2022.

Canada – Nova Scotia Hospital Quality reports

Nova Scotia (Canada) Hospital Quality reports show Wait times, Infections and other Patient Safety Events, and Serious Reportable Events.  Report on health system quality is by the Department of Health, Nova Scotia, Canada. 2022 data; often rolled-up to area or province-level. Long term trends are shown for many measures. Healthcare worker immunization levels for influenza are low relative to the United States.

Canada – Ontario Hospital Ratings

Find hospital ratings for Ontario Canada. Health Quality Ontario shows hospital safety measures for infection rates, hand hygiene and safety in surgery. Performance scores for Wait times for surgery, CT and MRI diagnostic tests; also compare time spent in Emergency. Wait times listed for cataracts, cancer surgery, cardiac surgery, gallbladder, hip and knee replacements, children’s surgery and more. Data from 2022, updated regularly. Province level and side-by-side hospital ratings shown. In Ontario, average wait time to see a physician in the Emergency Department (ER) was 2.1 hours (13 months ending July 2022). Originally developed by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), the province-wide regional board of Health Quality Ontario is now appointed by the government

Nova Scotia Wait Times for Tests and Surgery Editor's Pick

Excellent government web site from Nova Scotia Canada shows the wait times for diagnostic tests such as MRIs, CT, bone density scans, mammograms, breast biopsy (needle), ultrasound, and upper GI series. Waiting times for scheduled surgery such as ear tubes, hip or knee replacement, bunionectomy, carpal tunnel, gallbladder removal, heart or valve surgery, hysterectomy, hernia repair, tonsillectomy, and cataract surgery; and how long to get a consult with physician specialists (such as cancer specialists). View by doctor’s or surgeon’s name, in addition to hospital and facility. Information is very recent, updated 2022. Editor’s Pick for

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