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Average Cost for Cancer Hospitalizations

Report shows average cost for a cancer-related adult hospitalization was $22,100 ($3,400 per day) in 2017. Adding medical inflation rate, the average cost would be $24,400 ($3,700 per day) in 2021 dollars. Average length of stay was 6.5 days; 4.9% died in hospital. Among the most frequent types of cancer admissions, Colorectal cancer cost $21,500 (6.9 days); Respiratory cancers cost $19,000 (6.3 days), prostate cancer $14,900 (2.2 days). A hospital stay for multiple myeloma averaged $32,900; for acute myeloid leukemia, the average cost was $64,700. To estimate 2021 costs, add medical inflation rate of 10.24% to the 2017 dollars. Actual charges would be higher than costs shown in the report. Almost half (47%) of adult cancer hospitalizations were in people under age 65. Statistical Brief #270 from AHRQ uses HCUP data, published January 2021.

Cost of 3 Cancers: Lung, Breast and Colorectal Cancer

Learn about long-term out of pocket costs of three cancers: lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. See how costs could accumulate for over time. Using 2010 to 2014 data (essentially before the Affordable Care Act), costs were examined over time. Pages 9-10 are interesting because the charts show total cumulative cost over almost 4 years, an how much of that cost, the patient was responsible for. Patient’s 4-year cost was over $11,000 for lung cancer (of $282,000); $8,442 (of $165,000) for colorectal cancer; and $7,500 out of pocket (of $101,000 total cost) for breast cancer. Study by Milliman Research, April 2017.

Pediatric Cancer – Hospital Stay Cost and Survival Rates

Find average cost of a hospital stay and survival rates for pediatric cancer. Scroll to Statistical Brief #132. Top 10 most common pediatric cancers requiring hospitalization in 2009 showed leukemia and brain cancer at the top, with an estimated average cost per stay of $55,700 (about $77,700 in 2021 dollars) and $39,600 (about $55,200 in 2021 dollars), respectively. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cost $46,900 on average (about $65,400 with medical inflation to 2021). Kids hospitalized for maintenance chemotherapy or radiotherapy experienced $35,300 cost (about $49,000 with medical inflation). Average age for admission is 8 years old; 3 percent died in the hospital (table 1) compared to 3.9% in 2000. Survival rates for cancer have been improving. Released by AHRQ, May 2012.

Prostate Cancer Surgery: How much does radical prostatectomy cost?

How much does a radical prostatectomy cost? A prostate cancer surgery study published in the medical journal Urology, found that facility costs averaged nearly $35,000 (+/- $20,000) for a radical prostatectomy (RP) procedure in the US. (In 2022 dollars, this would be nearly $47,000). Estimates were provided by 70 of 100 hospitals invited to submit prices for an uninsured 55 year old man. Facility fees ranged widely, from $10,000 to $135,000.  Academic medical center prices were statistically higher for the same theoretical patient. In addition, 10 hospitals provided numbers for surgeon and anesthesia fees, which averaged $8,280 (+/-$4282, ranging as high as $18,720).  Finally, about 1/3 of hospitals indicated they would discount the prices for prompt payment, an average of 34%. Research by Pate, Uhlman, et al, from the University of Iowa. Published March 2014.  Using a simple medical inflation factor, the combined cost of facility, anesthesia and surgeon fees would be about $58,000 in 2022 dollars.

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