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Florida ER Visit Charges, 2019

Florida ER visit charges for each hospital in 2019. Find the average cost of an emergency room (ER / ED) visit at each Florida hospital in 2019. State average ER visit cost (charge) was $7,321 (about $68 Billion for over 9.2 million ED visits). Average cost was up about 10.8% from 2018. HCA Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte had the highest average charge in FL again in 2019, at a whopping $17,330 per ER visit in 2019. Their average price went up 12.6%. Three additional hospitals had average charges over $16,000: HCA Mercy Hospital a campus of Plantation General Hospital, HCA North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville, and HCA Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point – the same as in 2018. All of the most expensive (average charges) for ED visits are for-profit hospitals. Only 4 hospitals in Florida had an average charge of $1,500 or less. The least cost was Madison County Memorial Hospital in Madison, with an average ER visit cost of just under $1,200.  Number of ER patient visits are shown here. The highest volume Emergency Department was Lakeland Regional Medical Center, with 172,000 visits. Its average price was $7,815.  They are not-for-profit. Complexity and seriousness of the visit vary from hospital to hospital. Easy to use tool, but not severity-adjusted. Average charges for broad diagnostic groups can be found, by using the filters in the search tool. From  Check our listing for Hospital Compare to see each hospital’s most recent star ratings and performance on emergency care. The site defaults to 2018 costs, so make sure you check the 2019 box to see the latest. No updates as of March 2022 for 2020 or 2021 costs of an ER visit.

Maine – Average Cost for Hospital and Doctor Visits (2020-2021) Editor's Pick

Find the average cost for both hospital and doctor visits in Maine in 2020 to 2021. These “costs” may be less than charges or prices, since they are what 35 commercial payers actually paid for the service in the 12 months ending March 31, 2021. Compare costs at different clinics and hospitals. Average cost for an ER visit in Maine was $604 for a moderate severity emergency department visit (before adding lab, imaging and other tests). A high severity visit (code 99284) to the ED cost $1,029 before other test costs were added in. Average vaginal delivery costs (median payment) was $16,451 for Childbirth delivery and 60 days of related care. This was up 15% from the prior year. (Does include physician care, but probably not newborn charges). An uncomplicated C-Section averaged $24,257, up 8%. Find costs for other surgeries by hospital, such as hip or knee joint replacement, arthroscopy, colonoscopy, hernia repair, tonsillectomy and gall bladder surgery. Find many median (middle) payments here physician office visits ($116 average cost for 15-minute appt for an established patient 99213), CT, MRI, x-ray, lab tests and more. A one hour crisis psychotherapy visit averaged $218. An ongoing 60 minute psychotherapy visit (90837) cost $100 on average. Uses CPT codes. All “average cost” figures are actually median payment. Almost 8 million claims were analyzed. However, no Medicare or Medicaid claims were included. More surgery costs were added this past year, so we are giving this the Editor’s Pick award. From Maine Health Data Organization in State of Maine

Missouri Hospital ER Cost and Inpatient Prices and Quality – Compare Hospitals Editor's Pick

Missouri hospital ER prices, inpatient cost and quality ratings. To compare hospital costs, click on Find a Hospital, then Pricing Data to find the average 2021 price (median charge) for common inpatient medical conditions and surgeries at Missouri (MO) hospitals. In addition, if you click on the arrow to expand, you will find a range of charges, average length of stay, and number of cases per year shown. Childbirth, maternity, mental health, hip and knee surgery, heart care, etc. Must know the general body system (such as musculoskeletal) in order to search inpatient prices.

Emergency department (ER Emergency Room) visit costs are shown separately by “level”. In Missouri, nearly 2/3 of the ER visits were at Levels 3 and 4. Median charge for Level 3 ER visit in 2021 (the most common, moderate severity & moderately complex case) was $1,746. This was 7.6% higher than last year. The second most common ER visit was Level 4 (high severity), had an average cost of $4,435, up almost 7% from 2020. The highest possible Level 5 visit cost $7,748 on average, up 9% from 2020. Just 11% of ER patients were classified as Level 1 or 2; the median prices for these low level visits were $541 and $880 respectively. Average prices shown for 2021. We assume these average costs reflect base price only, without “extra” test costs, and possibly without physician fees. Such information was not readily available at the site. The cost numbers are “sticker price”, not what insurance pays after discounts. Hospital “self-pay discounts” (e.g., 30% or 40% discount off the full charges) are listed at the site. Hospital Quality data also shown at this site. Compare hospitals on infections, readmissions, falls, and other patient safety results. Editor’s Pick for putting all of this information in one place and timely reporting on quality and costs. Published by the Missouri Hospital Association.

Nevada Hospital Inpatient, ER and Ambulatory Surgery 2021 Average Charges Editor's Pick

Find average hospital, ER, and ambulatory surgery charges in Nevada for 2021. Each hospital is listed by name. Nevada Compare Care shows average hospital charges (prices) for every NV inpatient DRG (Diagnosis Related Group), and overall average ER or ambulatory surgery charge. Overall Nevada 2021 inpatient charge was a whopping $109,256 per stay, or $19,505 per day. Average charges increased 13% over last year; with a slightly higher case mix index. Sample DRGs: Psychoses (average $21,914, down 1%), Normal Newborn ($5,923, up 4%), uncomplicated vaginal delivery ($30,447, up 11%), Septicemia ($161,023 for DRG 871), Major joint replacement (hip or knee) at $152,973, Cesarean Section ($48,477 without complications).

Average 2021 NV emergency room visit charge was $11,105 statewide (up 7%). The number of ER visits in Nevada rose to almost 1 million from 925,000 visits the prior year. Average ER charges ranged from $2,389 average at Banner Churchill Hospital, to $17,404 average at Centennial Hills hospital. Statewide average Ambulatory Surgery Center charge was $8,955 (up 2%), but no breakout by procedure type is shown. Endoscopy Center average charges are included. Outpatient surgery at a hospital averaged $52,265 in charges, up by 21%. Standard Reports also show case volume by facility. No information about how much was actually paid. NV reports are a joint effort between Center for Health Information Analysis (CHIA) and the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy (DHCFP). Updated May 2022.

New Hampshire Prices for Physician Visits, ER, Outpatient Hospital and Dental Care – Compare (free) Editor's Pick

Compare New Hampshire prices for physician office visits, Emergency Room, psychotherapy, dental care, hospital outpatient lab tests, PT visits and some surgery. Ambulance and medium level ER prices are included in NH. Prices are estimated at 2020-2021 prices plus 5% price inflation. Statewide cost estimate is also shown. (Example is $263 average cost for an office visit 99214. But for the uninsured, costs after discounts in some towns could be below $100.) Choose Medical or Dental. Select insurance, or uninsured to compare charges with your deductible. “Show All Procedures” will let you select procedure, test (e.g. lab, Radiology such as x-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound), office visit or service. Tonsillectomy, gall bladder surgery, hernia repair, colonoscopy and a few other surgeries are bundled to include surgeon and anesthesia costs. Price transparency project developed by the New Hampshire Insurance Department. NH HealthCost is an excellent website, easy to navigate. It is more current than most, and has earned Editor’s Pick.

Vermont – Compare Hospital ER Prices (2022) Editor's Pick

Compare published prices for hospital Emergency Room visits, for all 14 hospitals in VT, according to level of severity and complexity. Statewide average ER price from Oct. 1 2021 to Sept. 30, 2022 is $433 for Level 1 minor problem, before adding tests or procedures. The price has risen an average of 9% per year since 2019. Very few visits are this “simple”. Level 2 low severity ER visit average price was $591 before adding test costs. Level 3 moderate severity and complexity ER visit (the most common in the US) average price is $990 for hospital and physician charges, excluding tests and medications etc. Both Level 2 and Level 3 average prices for an ER visit rose about 6% per year over the past 3 years. Level 4 average price is $1,490.  Top base price for a Level 5 visit was $2,097 per visit ($1,546 hospital, $551 doctor fee). Level 4 and Level 5 Emergency Department visits have risen about 5% per year, over the past 3 years in Vermont.

For consumer planning purposes, billing code Levels 3, 4 and 5 are most likely to occur. A recent study of Medicare patients found that the most common ER visit charge was for a Level 5 visit, right at the top of the complexity scale. Both facility and physician charges are shown – an amazing show of leadership in price transparency. Springfield Hospital’s Level 5 charge is $1,441; the University of Vermont Medical Center’s Level 5 ER charge is over $3,000. Prices do NOT include lab tests, imaging tests or procedures during the ER visit. Prices are good from October 2021 through September 30, 2022. Table 3D published in 2022. Editor’s Pick because VT got this report out while the published prices were still in effect – if even for only a few months.

Wisconsin ER and Hospital Urgent Care Prices (Emergency Department)

Find 2021 ER visit and urgent care prices for common visits to WI emergency departments (ER) or hospital-based urgent care. Examples of typical charges: mood disorders, urinary tract infection (UTI), abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting or teeth problems. Shows median (middle) price for ER (2021) WITHOUT the physician’s fee. It also shows how many cases the hospital treated. If the hospital has on-site urgent care, it will show that price also. Example: Statewide, hospitals charged $2,910 (median charge during 2021) in the ER for urinary tract infection (UTI), but a lower $530 in its urgent care service. Free-standing community Urgent Care clinics are not included in these prices.  Fifty (50) services are listed. The tool did not provide information for every hospital, when tested May 24, 2022. Nor did statewide or county results show every time. It also may be difficult to find what you’re looking for, since common problems such as “breathing problems” are not listed. Still, Wisconsin Hospital Association’s PricePoint makes comparing hospital prices possible. This site is one of the more timely sites for healthcare price transparency. Compare hospitals downtown vs. those in the suburbs. Consumers may wish to add at least 2.5% medical inflation, depending on the hospital, to estimate 2022 prices. The average hospital price increase for WI hospitals that raised prices in 2021, was 4.46% (reported Jan. 14, 2022). But 4 hospitals raised prices more than 15% last year. Updated 2022.

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