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Find Health Insurance Options and Costs – Editor's Pick

Health insurance exchange website helps small businesses and individuals know what health insurance options are available to them. Search by zip code. Can compare 3 companies or plans at once; approximate monthly premiums are shown. No recommendations or rankings.  These are private plans that are OUTSIDE of the health insurance exchange marketplace, and do not qualify for advance premium tax credit.  This list may help you get an idea of prices before talking with an insurance agent. From HHS at US government

Florida Health Insurance Plan Rates – find insurance for small business

Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation provides small businesses (including one-employee companies) the ability to examine different health insurance options CHOICES through this site. Small Group rate comparison tool is a resource for consumers (employers) interested in viewing annual premium rates for the various small employer major medical health insurance plans. May require knowing each employee’s age and other information.

Government Employee Health Insurance Cost Comparisons (FEHB)

Web site from US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) helps federal employees and others compare the benefits, member satisfaction, and employee costs of up to 4 health insurance plans at one time. Search by zip code; choose local plans and/or national plans. Convenient and current for 2019. The amount that taxpayers and government institutions pay toward the total health care premiums is no longer readily available

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