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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Cost and Quality Ratings 2023-2024 Editor's Pick

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Cost and Quality Ratings for consumers. Compare the prices (monthly premium average cost and annual deductible) for prescription drug coverage through Medicare (  See which plans have higher ratings. Uses a 5-star quality rating system that includes member satisfaction survey reports. If you put in your actual drugs and pharmacies, your annual prescription drug costs will also show. Updated October 2023. Medicare’s open enrollment for 2024 begins October 15, 2023. Open enrollment will run until December 7, 2023.

Medicare Personal Plan Finder (

The Medicare Personal Plan Finder site at helps you locate supplemental health insurance plans, find out their prices (premiums), and link to a page to check Medicare Eligibility. Generally, one has to be age 65 or disabled to qualify for Medicare. Early retirement at age 62 does NOT by itself allow someone to receive Medicare benefits

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