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Average Cost of Dentist Visit

The average cost of a visit to the dentist (for people who had a dentist visit in 2019) was $362 (estimated $381 in 2021 dollars, with medical inflation). Because many people have more than one dental visit during the year, the average total cost was $826 per person (estimated $870 in 2021 dollars). Cost per dental visit was lower in 2019 than in 2018, by about 3.5%. Cost was defined as “expenditure” or amount paid; charges (prices) may be higher. Overall, 45% percent of people had a dental visit during 2019. Must use the data tool to find the information. However, an older publication, Research Findings #38 showed only 26% of those without dental insurance had a dental visit in 2015. The average number of visits was 2.2 for those who went to a dentist in 2015, and about 2.3 in 2018. The Research Findings #38 has additional details about dental use, expenses and coverage trends through 2015. MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Study) data retrieved January 2022.

South Carolina – Average Medicaid Payments for Health Care Services – 2012

Find the average cost (payment) for healthcare services to Medicaid patients in South Carolina. SC Department of Health & Human Services shows how much the state paid for Medicaid costs, by type of service. It appears that the average amount paid per visit was about $38 (physician) and $88 (clinic); about $150 for a dental visit; $5,256 for a hospital inpatient stay, and $31,658 for a nursing facility resident in 2012. Consumers can also compare what each provider was paid by downloading the full datasheet (Excel file). Full charges (prices) are NOT shown. Medicaid Transparency Reporting project, FY 2012 data is latest available; very old.

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New Hampshire Prices for Physician Visits, ER, Outpatient Hospital and Dental Care – Compare (free) Editor's Pick

Compare New Hampshire prices for physician office visits, Emergency Room, psychotherapy, dental care, hospital outpatient lab tests, PT visits and some surgery. Ambulance and medium level ER prices are included in NH. Prices are estimated at 2020-2021 prices plus 5% price inflation. Statewide cost estimate is also shown. (Example is $263 average cost for an office visit 99214. But for the uninsured, costs after discounts in some towns could be below $100.) Choose Medical or Dental. Select insurance, or uninsured to compare charges with your deductible. “Show All Procedures” will let you select procedure, test (e.g. lab, Radiology such as x-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound), office visit or service. Tonsillectomy, gall bladder surgery, hernia repair, colonoscopy and a few other surgeries are bundled to include surgeon and anesthesia costs. Price transparency project developed by the New Hampshire Insurance Department. NH HealthCost is an excellent website, easy to navigate. It is more current than most, and has earned Editor’s Pick.

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