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Green Sustainable Healthcare Facilities and Climate Resiliency

Climate Resilient and Environmentally Sustainable Health Care Facilities is a 2020 publication from the World Health Organization (WHO). This guidance is written for health professionals and healthcare facility managers who want to address climate change. It outlines key tools and actions they can take to strengthen health care facilities. An older (2007) publication on green sustainable healthcare facilities is also available from the Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences. Discusses where green buildings and health agendas come together. Describes high-performing healing environments.

Healing Gardens in Hospitals

Healing Gardens in Hospitals is a description by Clare Cooper Marcus, Professor Emeritus (Architecture and Landscape) UC-Berkeley of principles and considerations for establishing hospital gardens. Appeared in Interdisciplinary Design and Research e-Journal, January, 2007. Benefits begin with stress reduction, but hardly end there.

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MRI Safety – ACR Manual on MR Safety, 2020

American College of Radiology (ACR) manual on MR safety is an official 2020 guidance document for safe practices in MRI suites. Anyone who remembers the horrific 2001 accident in Valhalla, NY, will want to learn about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite design, personnel screening and staff classifications by level of training, device & object screening, signs & labeling, adverse event prevention, four zones and more. Updates the prior 2002 and 2004 white papers and 2007 and 2013 Guidance documents.

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