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Hospital Compare – at (all states) Hospital star ratings, complications Editor's Pick

Visit Hospital Compare to find hospital star ratings and complications for hospitals in all states. Compare 3 hospitals at one time. Federal government (at gives 1 to 5 stars and compares hospital ratings for heart attack (AMI), heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, stroke, hip & knee, preventing infections and surgical complications, timeliness of Emergency (ER) dept., use of medical imaging. Most data are from calendar 2021, but may vary by measure. Includes death rate comparisons from heart failure, heart attack, pneumonia, COPD, stroke, CABG; and return to hospital (readmission) rates. Click on Timely & Effective Care, or Complications. Shows patient satisfaction HCAHPS ratings (patient experience opinions) from 2021. Some info on colonoscopies and cataracts. Editor’s Pick because it’s the best of what is out there. The federal government standardized broad ratings for all hospitals, and most ratings are based on more than just Medicare patients. Small volume hospitals will not show data for some measures. Graphs are no longer available. Today’s stars may reflect older data than shown at the website. Read the fine print. Updated October 2022.

Geriatric Emergency Department Accredited ERs

A list of accredited Geriatric Emergency Departments in hospital ERs. Accreditation is provided by ACEP Geriatrics, the American College of Emergency Physicians. Click on Geriatric ED Accredited List. Unfortunately, it is not user-friendly as an Excel file. The first tab GED Accreditation will provide the basic information about who is meets accreditation standards, city and state, accreditation level. Gold (1) is the highest level.  Date the organization was accredited is given. Read about the standards for optimal emergency care for older adults. When last checked, April 22, 2022, just 306 EDs in the US met some level of the geriatric ED accreditation standards. Updated 2022.

Winnipeg, Canada: ER waiting times (online)

Emergency Room (ER) and Urgent Care wait times for Winnipeg hospitals and urgent care facilities are posted online and updated every few minutes. Compare the average wait time and the number of patients currently waiting for emergency care at Concordia, Grace, Health Sciences Centre Adult, HSC Children’s, Seven Oaks, St. Boniface and Victoria Urgent Care centre. Time shown is the expected waiting between being registered, and actually being seen by the doctor or nurse practitioner. It also shows how many patients are being treated at the time of the update. Regardless of the predicted wait, the sickest patients will be seen first.  Emergency Department and urgent care centre wait times by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (Manitoba, Canada) as a convenience to patients. Updates every 10 minutes.

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