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England – Hospital surveys of adult inpatients and children

Survey of thousands of adult patients and children at England’s NHS hospital trusts shows consumer satisfaction with the care they received. Compare NHS Trusts in many (but not all) of the surveys. Recent surveys published in 2020, 2021 and 2022 cover Maternity care, Adult Inpatient, Covid inpatients, children and young people’s care, Community Mental Health, Urgent Care and Emergency Care. From the UK  Care Quality Commission.

England – NHS and Independent Hospitals – Health Care Quality Editor's Pick

Compare healthcare quality results for NHS Trusts and Independent hospitals of all types in England. CareQuality Commission provides inspection ratings of Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. Overall Rating shown, as are how well the hospitals met standards for Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led. Mental Health hospitals are included. Inspection reports current through 2022.

England – NHS Trusts (List and Quick Comparisons)

Compare NHS Trusts in England. NHS Choices site by NHS England helps consumers quickly find and compare services in their community. Includes hospitals, GPs, Dentists, emergency and urgent care, pharmacies, opticians. Find lists of maternity, mental health, alcohol, fitness centres, foot clinics and more. Extremely easy to use, 5-star system and patient ratings. Updated 2022.

England – Satisfaction with Inpatient, Maternity, Emergency, Mental Health and Children’s Services Editor's Pick

Find Satisfaction ratings with Inpatient, Maternity, Emergency, Mental Health and Children’s Services in England. UK Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports results from the national survey of adult patients from acute and specialist NHS trusts in England. Surveys available for maternity, children’s services, mental health, emergency department and inpatient services. Inpatient Survey asked nearly 70 questions about hospital admission, waiting list, emergency dept., privacy, noise, cleanliness, doctors, nurses, respect, operations & procedures, pain, information and more. Updated in 2022 (using 2021 data). Some surveys may be older.

United Kingdom – List of Registered Medical Practitioners

The United Kingdom General Medical Council provides brief information about the List of Registered Medical Practitioners – a list of all doctors who are registered to practise in the UK.

Other Helpful Listings

Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence – Locate a Center & Bariatric Surgeon

Locate a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence or bariatric Surgeon of Excellence. Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) has designated 64 hospitals as Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence. Minimum volume is 80 cases per year for a Center of Excellence. For a Bariatric Surgeon of Excellence, minimum volume is 50 cases per year, and 125 cases in a lifetime. SRC is a non-profit patient safety organization that develops and administers health care accreditation programs. In addition weight loss surgery, it promotes high standards for other types of surgery. List of centers by state; includes US, UK, Canada, Mexico and about 20 other countries.

Doctor and Dentist Ratings and Reviews

Patients may review and rate anyone called Doctor (such as chiropractors and dentists) in the US and selected countries at this site: As of January 2023, few physicians had at least 30 patient ratings. Most physicians only have one or a handful of patient ratings. Ratings may also be quite old. On some doctors we checked, the most recent was 2018, or 2017. Doctors are rated on their staff, their punctuality, helpfulness and knowledge. Unable to sort list by rankings or number of ratings. Consumers may add a comment. Be VERY CAUTIOUS in using these ratings as the results may NOT be valid.

How Good is US healthcare?

Just how good is US healthcare? Compare the United States with Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK and many other countries on longevity, key healthcare performance measures, and non-medical determinants such as smoking and obesity. 2022 interactive database shows relative actual scores from OECD’s international 2020 and 2021 results. Older results are also shown. In general, the database is complex due to its detail. Many people will have difficulty finding the higher level comparisons they wish. Trends in health expenditures as a percent of GDP are shown. The US outranks all at 17.8% share of GDP (estimated for 2021). An interesting comparison is that the US topped all other countries with 42.8% measured obesity in the total population in 2019, compared to the next country of Mexico at 36% (2018-2020 data). Find obesity under Non-Medical Determinants of Health. Countries like Japan and Korea came in at a 5-7% range. Updated November 2022.

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