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Canada Hospital Ratings and Reports

Examine your Canada hospital’s ratings reports on Access & Wait Times, Quality of Care, Spending, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, and Health Outcomes. Much of the data shown reflect province-wide or territory ratings. Some ratings are compared to the US. Includes HSMR – Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratios for hospital deaths in 2020-2021. Shows repeat hospital stays for mental illness for 2020-2021. New measures such as waiting time for mental health counseling, have been added. Site provided by Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

American Hospital Directory – Outpatient Charges and Volumes ( Editor's Pick

The American Hospital Directory at shows average charge and average cost for many hospital outpatient services. Most recent period shows 2021 costs. Charges and average costs for the 20 outpatient Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs) that made up the highest Medicare outpatient payment to each hospital. Critical access hospitals are excluded. List varies by hospital. Top 20 procedures may include volume (number of claims) and cost for colonoscopy, laparoscopy, CT, MRI, clinic and emergency (ED or ER) visits, x-ray tests, upper GI, lower GI endoscopy, arthroscopy, cataract with lens, angiography, echocardiography, hernia repair, infusion therapy, nerve injection, observation services, outpatient cardiac catheterization, ultrasound. Scroll to bottom of the hospital page to find Outpatient Utilization Statistics. Some rural critical access hospitals may not show any outpatient test and visit prices. Also shown: inpatient market share by local zip code; net income. Link is to the Free Hospital Information – Form 990 and Executive Compensation, Nonprofits Editor's Pick

Check to find executive compensation and other Form 990 information on nonprofit organizations. Free registration is required to access the basic database, but it is worth your time. is a go-to source, now a part of Candid. Most tax-exempt nonprofits file a Form 990 with the IRS, which shows important financial information and executive compensation (or portion of executive comp) received from that organization. GuideStar reports the ability to search 1.8 million tax-exempt organizations, as well as thousands of faith-based nonprofits.

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