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Find a Veterans Home in any State (interactive)

Find a veteran’s home in any state by using this interactive Directory of state veterans homes. The Directory gives a brief profile for each long-term care center. Includes eligibility requirements and application process. Developed by the National Association of State Veterans Homes (NASVH).

Find an Aging Life Care Professional

Find an Aging Life Care Professional, formerly called geriatric care manager. The Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) was formerly the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, Inc. This national directory is easy to use. Credentials of members listed will vary widely. The credentials of the Advanced Professionals may be the most useful. Not all areas of the US are covered.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living directory (members in LeadingAge)

Directory to help consumers find nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Browse this database of members in the LeadingAge (formerly American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, AAHSA) to find nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living, adult day care and home & community-based services. Shaped by not-for-profit values

Alaska Assisted Living – List of facilities (2019)

Click on Assisted Living Home to find an Excel spreadsheet list of Alaska’s assisted living facilities. Basic contact information from AK Health and Social Services contains facilities as small as one resident. Updated June 2019 and monthly updates expected to be added.

Arizona Assisted Living Ratings & Directory

Arizona Ratings and Directory of Assisted Living Facilities. Click Residential Facilities to find information on all licensed assisted living facilities in AZ, including deficiencies and citations from survey inspection reports in last 3 years. May search by city. Assisted Living Centers have 11 more residents; Assisted Living Homes have 10 or fewer in AZ. Complicated to use since definitions are not easily found. Site operated as part of AZ Care Check from the Arizona Department of Health Services Division of Licensing

California Nursing Home, Home Health and Hospice Cost and Quality Ratings provides this quality ratings site for California Nursing Homes, Home Health and Hospice organizations. Nursing facilities are rated on staffing, quality, inspections, complaints, cost and finance measures. Map shows by color which nursing homes are Superior, or less (down to Poor). Average charges for 2016 or older are shown. Home Health and Hospice are rated on quality measures. This site also serves as a directory for residential care (assisted living) and other senior care programs. The site was originally developed with the CA HealthCare Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropy.  While it was once one of the best comparison sites available for California nursing homes, the data have not been updated since 2017 (using 2016 data). Now the site is managed alone by UC San Francisco.

Colorado – Directory of Health Facilities

Colorado directory of health facilities lists Assisted Living facilities, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, birth centers, hospitals, home health and hospice agencies, chiropractic centers, mental health centers, dialysis treatment centers, physical therapy clinics, outpatient rehab, rural health clinics and more. View Community Resources to find rosters and addresses only, or click Get Detailed profile to see inspection reports, complaints, etc. By CO Dept. of Public Health and Environment.

Florida Nursing Home Guide – 2019 (AHCA) Editor's Pick

Florida Nursing Home Guide for 2019, by FL AHCA. Search by Region to find state inspection reports. Guide shows who gets a 5-star rating and inspection details. Contains Nursing Home Watch List for bankrupt or conditional status facilities. (When we checked the Watch List in November 2019, there were 154 nursing homes on  Florida’s Watch List, up from 108 in April. Reasons why are explained for each facility. Please read these reports carefully before choosing a nursing home.) Shows the few Gold Seal care centers for excellent care facilities – 22 as of November 2019 were recognized for a 3-year period. Consumers can also learn about cost (lowest daily charge), and Web link to the facility. Clear, simple presentation with a font size you can read. Information is current; emergency power plan information has been added. Site by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Nicely done

Georgia – Hospital, nursing home, home health inspection reports

Find Georgia healthcare facility Inspection Reports through the Georgia Department of Community Health. Use the map program called GaMap2Care to locate any state-licensed, registered or certified health facility (including ESRD) or assisted living personal care homes in GA. Check to see if there is a report available. Limited comparative information. Most hospitals do NOT have inspection violation reports. Nursing home and home health reports are referred to the federal NursingHomeCompare and HomeHealthCompare Web sites

Illinois – Licensed Assisted Living Facilities (IDPH)

Illinois provides a bare-bones list of Assisted Living and Shared Housing Licensed Establishments. Alzheimer’s units are designated and bed counts shown. Must know how to read Excel charts. By IDPH, 2019

Iowa Senior Centers, Care Management, Alzheimers, Hospice Care, Elderly, Family Caregiver Support Editor's Pick

The Iowa Aging and Disability Resource Centers along with its six Area Agencies on Aging provide interactive database to find support services for seniors in each county in Iowa. Services include assisted living, meals (filed under F for Frozen meals), transportation (filed under V for Volunteer transportation) and driving evaluation, chore services and many others less common. Shows addresses, telephone and website links for many organizations including area agencies on aging. Great support site

Louisiana – Find a Nursing Care Facility

Website by the Louisiana Nursing Home Association helps consumers search for the name, location and bed size of nursing homes in the state. No quality or price data at this site. See Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare for quality information, and check other ratings in our Nursing Home Quality & Long-term Care Ratings – free category

Maine Assisted Living Facilities

Consumers may get help in finding Maine Assisted Living facilities by searching this directory. The ME Assisted Housing search provides the basics on assisted living homes: size, location, some services, license number

Michigan Assisted Living Facilities – list & inspections

Michigan does not license assisted living facilities. However, consumers can do a Statewide Search for MI Homes for the Aged, group homes, or Adult Foster Care Homes). May search by county. Click on the organization’s name to find location & service details, as well as inspection reports. Site by the Michigan state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Michigan Nursing Home Directory (roster list only)

Find a roster or list of Michigan Nursing Homes in this directory. Do a statewide Nursing Home Search at this site by the MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to verify license or get a list of nursing homes. Basic facility information only. No state survey inspections, quality reports or complaint summaries appear to be available online..  Note, the LARA Health Care Providers website through the Bureau of Community and Health Systems does not operate reliably and effectively.

Minnesota Assisted Living, Psych & Health Care Directory Search

Find name and contact information for Minnesota’s licensed, registered or certified health care providers such as Assisted Living (Housing with Services), Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Psychiatric hospitals, residential Supervised Living Facilities, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities, Mental Health and Rural Health Clinics, and more. Provided by the MN Department of Health – Online Directory of Resources for Seniors & Others Editor's Pick is an online directory of services designed to help seniors and others identify resources within Minnesota. Ideal for caregivers. Click on Housing (for help with senior housing, assisted living), Nursing Homes, food and nutrition, assistive technology, transportation, help in your home, and much more. Can call 800-333-2433 or use the online chat feature Monday-Friday day times.

Missouri – Long Term Care Inspection Reports

Recent inspection reports for every licensed Missouri nursing home, residential care facility, assisted living, and skilled nursing facility (SNF) can be found here, even those who don’t participate in Medicare or Medicaid. Click on the DATE to see the inspection findings. Site by the MO Department of Health and Senior Services, current to 2018 and will be regularly updated in 2019

New Jersey Nursing Home and Assisted Living Inspections

Find New Jersey nursing home and assisted living inspection summaries.  Compare by county or city for NJ nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Consumers can specify Behavioral Management or Specialized Care such as Ventilator beds or Pediatric long-term care for a more focused search. Note, there are two assisted living categories – residences and programs. Five years of surveys are available, although the most recent reports may require a special request if not available online. Updated constantly during 2019 by NJ Department of Health

New York State Compare Nursing Home Ratings Editor's Pick

Easy-to-use site allows consumers to search by county or zip code area and see NY nursing home comparisons side-by-side. Compare Nursing Homes shows measures such as bedsores (pressure ulcers), bladder control, urinary tract infections, restraint use, percent more depressed or anxious, percent of residents who got the seasonal flu shot (last 2 flu seasons). Better nursing homes listed on top. Click on nursing facility name to see how many of 5 stars it receives for each measure, plus inspection, certification and complaint survey results as well as what percent of their employees got the flu shot. Directory View is helpful for names and map location. Can also search from the drop down menu for special licensed services such as Ventilator-dependent, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Adult Day Care. NY Dept. of Health site; most data are 2017-2018, updated 2019

North Carolina lists of health care facilites (rosters, pdf)

Find state-licensed facilities in NC: assisted living adult care (7 or more beds), family care homes (2 to 6 beds), nursing homes, ambulatory surgery and endoscopy centers, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, home health and hospice care services, hospitals, ICF/MR; mental health facilities, residential treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals. Basic contact and addresses, including facility license number. Rosters only, updated April 2019

North Dakota Nursing Home List (roster, pdf)

ND skilled nursing home list shows address and telephone number, name of administrator and director of nursing, bed size, and Medicare / Medicaid ID numbers. Use list on left to find Assisted Living facilities (under Basic Care). Updated 2019

Oklahoma Nursing Homes – Alphabetical List Editor's Pick

Alphabetical list of nursing homes in Okla, with the Overall 1 to 5-star ratings shown. Compare 3 at a time. Links to each nursing home’s description and to their website. Directory is nicely linked to the ratings. No cost data unfortunately, and unclear what dates are associated with the ratings. But otherwise a helpful directory. May want to double check with NursingHomeCompare

Pennsylvania Assisted Living/Personal Care Home Directory

Directory is operated by the PA Department of Human Services. It is primarily a list of licensed assisted living facility addresses, with violation reports linked. Includes facility size and whether non-profit or for-profit. Search by county. Updated 2019

Pennsylvania Health Care Facility & Home Health Locator

Search by county for an Ambulatory Surgical Center, Birth Center, Community Mental Health Center, FQHC, Outpatient Rehab, End Stage Renal Disease, Home Health Agency, Home Care, Hospice, Hospital, Intermediate Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Nursing Home, Pediatric Extended Care, Speech and Physical Therapy, Abortion, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, and Rural Health Clinic in PA. Many of the sites have links to facility-specific inspection survey reports. Pennsylvania Department of Health

SC – Assisted Living and Community Residential Care Facilities 2019

Alphabetical list (126 pages) of SC licensed assisted living facilities, called Community Residential Care Facilities in South Carolina, with address and number of beds. Indicates whether or not certified for Alzheimer’s Care. Updated monthly, 2019

Tennessee lists of Health Care Facilities (rosters)

Lists health care facilities in TN, including assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, kidney dialysis (end stage renal), residential rehabilitation treatment facilities, home health, hospice, birthing centers and more. Shows contact information and license expiration date. Shows whether disciplinary actions have been taken against the facility. Not much information at the Tennessee site compared to other states.

Texas Long Term Care and Home Health: Ratings and Complaints

Long Term Care (LTC) Provider Search includes overall rating scores for TX Nursing homes, and information on Assisted living facilities, Intermediate care facilities, Daytime programs for adults, Home health, hospice and personal assistance services. Shows inspection results, complaints, a little history and general information. Nursing Home Quality data not shown, but hot-linked to the profile at federal NursingHomeCompare. Operated by Texas Health and Human Services. Current to 2019, although state inspection findings might not show up on Nursing Home Compare for more than 2 months after the inspection.

Washington DC Nursing Home List (roster only)

Simple list of nursing homes from the local District of Columbia Department of Health office, shows address, size and contact information. Updated 2019

Washington Nursing Home Locator

Interactive database to help consumers find nursing homes in the state of WA. Contact information and inspection reports provided and kept up to date to 2019

West Virginia Personal Attendant Agencies (roster)

Interactive database to find a WV personal attendant agency to provide in-home help. County served and basic contact info only. From West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services.

Wisconsin Assisted Living Facility Directories – Provider Profiles

Four categories of WI Assisted Living facilities are provided: Adult Day Care, Adult Family Home, Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) and Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC). Each organization and facility has its own report that includes an Inspection Summary; No side-by-side comparisons. However, this link shows profiles by individual county to aid your search. It also provides a statewide Wisconsin directory for for each type of licensed assisted living service.

Wisconsin Directory of Licensed Nursing Homes (pdf)

44-page list of WI nursing homes, organized by County. Contains basic contact information on all nursing homes. Updated 2019

Other Helpful Listings

Colorado Nursing Homes – Occurrence Reports & Complaints

Find complaints and occurrence reports on Colorado nursing homes. Detailed information is reported on each incident investigation. Reportable incidents and occurrences include unexplained deaths, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, life-threatening complications of anesthesia, life-threatening transfusion errors/reactions, severe burns, missing persons, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, misappropriation of property, diverted drugs and malfunction/misuse of equipment. Health facilities must report these occurrences within one business day. Updated 2019 and continuously, by CO Dept. of Public Health and Environment, Health Facilities division.

Delaware – List of Licensed Nursing Homes (roster only)

Delaware does not post online survey inspection reports or complaints on their nursing homes, and instead refers visitors to the Medicare nursinghomecompare website. Here is a simple list of names and addresses in DE as of 2019

Massachusetts – Nursing Home Inspection Reports

Massachusetts has a consumer-friendly search tool for nursing home survey inspection reports. Search by facility name or town anywhere in Massachusetts (MA). Gives information about last 3 standard survey inspections, administration, nursing, resident rights, food service, and environment. Get more information by clicking on More Details at the bottom. Website also has a list of who the long term care ombudsman is, for each facility, with telephone numbers, in case you need someone to advocate for your loved one. From HHS, inspection reports updated to 2019

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