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How Good is US healthcare?

Compare the United States with Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK and many other countries on longevity, key healthcare performance measures, and non-medical determinants such as smoking and obesity. Interactive database shows relative actual scores from OECD’s international 2015-2016 results. Some 2017 results are shown. A few ready-made reports are available, such as spending per capita by country in 2017. However, in general, the database is complex due to its detail. Many people will have difficulty finding the higher level comparisons they wish.  An interesting comparison is that the US topped all other countries with 40% measured obesity in the total population, compared to the next countries of Mexico and Chile at 33-34% (2016 data). Countries like Japan and Korea came in at a 4-6% range.

International Health (MedlinePlus)

Site provides access to the World Health Report (by WHO), common worldwide health issues and deaths. See WHO statistics and Global Health Observatory Data Repository to compare countries on obesity, smoking, infant mortality, and how much of their gross domestic product is devoted to health expenditures

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