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At-Home Lab Tests – types and costs, including Covid tests Editor's Pick

Learn about 30 types of at-home lab tests. Each test type is described in good detail. Typical costs for home test kits, including 3 types of Covid-related tests, are provided. DNA Ancestry testing is also described, with prices ranging from $59 to $99. Summary from (formerly Lab Tests Online), updated October 2022.

Compare At-Home Tests for Covid-19

Healthline reviewed available at-home tests for Covid-19 – both saliva tests and nasal swabs. They selected 12 “best at-home tests” and give a brief comparison of the tests. Seven of the 12 require sending the sample into a lab. They found 16 tests were authorized by the FDA as of January 2022. Some tests are no longer available, however. The original saliva test was developed by Rutgers. The list was published in May 2022.

Coronavirus Lab Tests for COVID-19 (FDA)

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) describes the different types of coronavirus lab tests for COVID-19: molecular, tests, antibody tests and antigen tests. They have authorized at home tests, at-home collection and point-of-care tests, among others. The FDA is the best authority for learning what tests are authorized, but the site is geared mostly to professionals rather than consumers.  A lot of good info here if you can find it. Updated Sept. 2021 by FDA.

Health Insurance Analysis of COVID-19 Test Prices – AHIP

If you’re wondering about how health insurance companies think about Covid-19 test prices, read this 3-page analysis. Study looked at prices up to March 2021. Prepared by AHIP – the Association of Health Insurance Plans. Published July 2021.

How much do Covid tests cost? KFF

How much do Covid tests cost (April 2021) ? According to the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, the median price for a COVID-19 diagnostic test at a hospital was $148 (up $21 from 2020). The range of prices was very wide, from $20 to $1,419. Most often the charges were between $100 and $199. The study examined Covid test prices at 102 hospitals – usually the largest two non-governmental hospitals in each state, in mid-June. About 91% of the selected hospitals posted prices online for diagnostic tests. The test price is supposed to be covered by your health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. If you’re uninsured, the test cost, visit and collection fees are also supposed to be free to you. See report “COVID-19 test prices and payment policy”, posted April 28, 2021. No updates.

What Coronavirus and COVID-19 Tests are Available? CDC

What lab tests are available for coronavirus and COVID-19?  CDC (Centers for Disease Control outline the kinds of tests that are available. Covers home tests, screening tests, diagnostic tests like RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction), NAAT, antigen, serology tests for antibodies from people who have been infected with the coronavirus, but recovered, and any other new developments in testing.  Updated February 2022.

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MinuteClinic Price List

MinuteClinic price list gives cash prices for hundreds of services or tests, many priced in the $99 to $139 range. MinuteClinic is owned by CVS Pharmacy. Some clinics are inside Target stores. Published list prices range from $99 to $139 for strep throat, plus $35-$45 for the strep throat test. Rapid Covid test is $120 or $149; $69; seasonal flu shot $50 or $74; Vitamin B12 injection $35; pregnancy test $25 (pregnancy evaluation is $89 plus test costs). Other prices include costs for Sport physicals, bug bites, skin rash, ear wax removal ($99-$139, possibly per ear); A1c checks, Shingles vaccine $179, urinary tract and bladder infections (up to $139); flu test for influenza A & B $70 to $100; monitoring or treatment for high blood pressure or high cholesterol; one-time medication renewal $99 to $139; HPV vaccination at $261 each; and many more. Services available in nearly all states and DC. E-Clinic visits (virtual consults) use the same providers and prices. They are available 9am to 5 pm. A cheaper $59 video visit with a telemedicine provider in their extended network may be available 24/7. Check Virtual Care telehealth. Current 2022 prices at Minute Clinic are listed, but are subject to change. Updated July 2022.

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