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NCQA – Health Insurance Plan Quality of Care and Member Satisfaction, 2019

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) – the premier accrediting body for health insurance plans – annual State of Health Care Quality Report. Reports performance for over 1000 managed care HMO & PPO plans on measures of effectiveness (HEDIS) during 2019, in more than 50 health topics such as cancer screening, diabetes care, osteoporosis management, controlling high blood pressure, immunization rates, asthma care, COPD, diabetes, appropriate medications, maternity care, mental health follow-up and readmissions. Average member satisfaction and experience with getting the kind of care they expect (CAHPS) are also included. Aggregate data only. An example of the type of information found in this report: In 2019, about 45-47% of Commercial health plan members who visited the emergency department for a mental illness, had a follow-up within 7 days of the ER visit. Updated Fall, 2020. Visitors are required to provide name and email address to NCQA.

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