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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Premiums and Quality Ratings Editor's Pick

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Premiums and Quality Ratings for consumers. Compare the prices (monthly premium average cost) for prescription drug coverage through Medicare ( and see which plans have higher ratings. Uses a 5-star quality rating system that includes member satisfaction survey reports. The more accurate prices will be available if you create an account and log in. Part D plans for 2021 should be updated by early October, 2020, ahead of Medicare’s open enrollment October 15, 2020. Best Medicare Part D (Drug) Health Plans 2021 Rankings lists Best Medicare Part D (drug) health plan rankings for 2021. Just 11 companies had plans that earned on average, 4.5 or 5 stars from Medicare for Part D (drug) coverage. Additionally, these companies’ individual plans had to rate at least 3 stars. All companies were some form of Blue Cross drug plan. Uses the CMS Star Ratings.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Ratings 2021

Theoretically, consumers should be able to compare the 2021 star ratings for over 800 health insurance plans that are part of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug program at this site. But the files linked here are darn near impossible to use, even if you know Excel. Best bet is to review the Fact Sheet that shows the highest rated plans. Your second choice might be to review the overall summary file near the bottom of the zipped Data Table file download. Other files show performance scores including member ratings. But you will have to phone a friend with a PhD to help. From CMS, updated October, 2020

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