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Headache (MedlinePlus)

MedlinePlus site on Headache discusses: How headaches differ; tension, migraine, cluster, rebound, sinus headaches, every kind of headache you can imagine. New information on the low-tyramine diet for migraine. The helpful role of headache diaries may have been removed.

Migraine (MedlinePlus)

Migraine page at MedlinePlus provides helpful information on headache pain, prevention, triggers, chronic migraines, symptoms, and treatment. Triptans and other drugs are under Commonly Used Acute Migraine Treatments.

Migraines and Other Headaches – Expenses & Healthcare Use (AHRQ-MEPS pdf)

Expenses for Migraine and other headaches are estimated in this AHRQ-MEPS brief. Average annual estimates on health service use and expenses for migraines in people under age 65. Estimate of 4.2% of women are affected, vs. 1% of men. Average out of pocket drug costs for migraine expenditures were $469 in 2007 (of $1856 total drug costs). In 2019 dollars, $469 is now about $663 with inflation. Total out of pocket for all health expenses was $1067 ($1508 with medical inflation to 2019). Statistical Brief #316, published March 2011. Drug treatment and insurance costs may have changed substantially since this study was completed. No updates available.

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