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COVID-19 Cases, Deaths and Vaccination Rates for Nursing Home Staff and Residents Editor's Pick

Find the Covid vaccination rates for nursing home staff by facility, across the US. Click on “list of every nursing home with recent resident and staff vaccination rates” to see both staff and resident vaccination rates. The list is in Excel spreadsheet fashion, so use the Control-F shortcut to quickly find the nursing home you’re looking for. Overall, nursing homes have 87% of their staff vaccinated with the primary series as of Oct. 23, 2022, and 87% of their residents. However, only 25% of staff are up to date with boosters, and 41% of residents are up to date with vaccinations. Infected staff can (and do) spread Covid to nursing home residents and cause breakthrough infections for some residents who have been vaccinated. Since the pandemic started, more than 159,000 residents have died from Covid and almost 2,800 nursing home staff have died from Covid. Each group has had more than 1 million cases. This web site will tell you how many cases and deaths were at each nursing home. Published by CMS.

Montana – Physician License Look-up

Physician license lookup in Montana through the MT Dept. of Labor and Industry. Select Licensing Board of Medical Examiners, and License Type Medical Doctor or Osteopathic Physician to search the right database. Basic information on doctor license (such as expiration date), and whether there may be any disciplinary action on file. If there has been discipline in Montana, you can view the actual report.

Montana Hospital Inpatient Charges – Compare Prices

Compare inpatient prices at Montana hospitals. MHA PricePoint shows median and average charges for inpatient stays (2019-2020 prices), including newborns, deliveries, Cesarean section, knee or hip replacement, rehab, psychiatric hospitalization, back problems, heart failure, stent, chest pain, bowel surgery, more. Length of stay also shown. An admission for Psychoses (severe psychological disorders) in MT averaged 8.7 days with a median charge of $12,699 and average cost $18,085 in 2019-2020. Joint replacement was $40,885 average, 2.0 day stay. Uncomplicated maternity stay cost $11,051 in 2019-2020 (average charge). Average cost for a normal newborn stay was $3,231. Consumers may wish to add about 7% medical inflation to estimate 2022 prices. Discounts to insured patients are not shown. PricePoint site by MHA-Montana Hospital Association.

Montana Hospital Outpatient Surgery and Test Costs

Find out how much outpatient surgery and imaging tests cost in Montana in 2019-2020. Compare MT hospital charges for ambulatory surgery and diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy (median charge $2,611 for a diagnostic colonoscopy code 45378), sigmoidoscopy, breast biopsy, cardiac stress tests, cardiac catheterization. All prices EXCLUDE surgeon fees and other physician costs. PricePoint system shows facility prices in the past, for common surgical procedures such as tonsillectomy (median $6,004 with adenoid removal, under age 12, code 42820), cataracts, ear tubes, knee cartilage, bunions, child’s appendix removal, carpal tunnel, gallbladder removal, skin lesions, upper GI endoscopy; x ray, CT, MRI (e.g. spine MRI without dye had a median price of $1,692, code 72148) and other radiology imaging prices listed. Costs are from July 2019-June 2020. Consumers may wish to add medical inflation to estimate 2023 prices. No updates available as of April 2023.

US News Best Nursing Homes 2022-2023 Editor's Pick

U.S. News 2022-2023 list of best nursing homes use federal government CMS star ratings and quality measures from the CMS data of July 2022. Just over 2,400 nursing homes gained High Performing status, out of more than 15,000. The top rated nursing homes selected by US News had to be high performing for either short-term rehab care, or long-term care, or both. Only 335 nursing homes qualified as top performing for both, compared to over 1,000 last year. There were 559 nursing homes categorized as Below Average for both short and long-term care. USNews compared its nursing home ratings to those of CMS Care Compare. The two separate methodologies were in fairly close agreement much of the time, about low-scoring, average, and higher scoring nursing homes. However, they were in perfect agreement only 1/4 of the time (28%). Consequently, consumers should check Nursing Home Compare ratings also. Sometimes (40 nursing homes) CMS would rate the nursing home 5, while USNews gave it a 1 star, or vice versa. Even USNews states that the highest-rated nursing homes are NOT necessarily the best choices. Information on nursing homes from NursingHomeCompare published by US News. Most dates of service were from 2021 or 2022, with Covid vaccination data from July 2022. Updated November 2022.

County Health Rankings 2023 – All States Editor's Pick

County Health Rankings 2023 for all states, lets consumers compare your county’s health status to the rest of your state. It provides the latest results for smoking, obesity, alcohol use, flu vaccination rates, preventable hospital stays; primary care, dentist and mental health provider rates, percent uninsured (as of 2020), alcohol impaired driving deaths, severe housing problems, social associations, unemployment and much more. The data reflect available results up to 2020 or 2021; a few measures use 2022 data. COVID-19 deaths in 2020 (only) are included in the rankings. Very interesting information on health behaviors and health outcomes. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Univ. of WI Population Health Institute

Health, United States Chartbook for 2020-2021 Editor's Pick

Annual United States Chartbook on Health is a report on trends in health statistics.  Publication: Health, United States, 2020-2021 edition, by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The most recent Chartbook is only in online form by topic. It contains text and figures showing long term trends in the health and healthcare of Americans; most data to 2019;  includes trend tables and figures with charts. Published  by CDC August 2022.

Kaiser State Health Facts: Individual State Profiles

Kaiser State Health Facts provides individual state profiles and for the US as a whole on a variety of healthcare subjects. Compare states on health status, health insurance coverage, costs, racial disparities, and more. Covid-19 cases, deaths testing, and vaccinations were added to the Health Status category in 2020 and 2021. In the Demographics and the Economy category, find information on population, poverty, income, employment, state budgets, taxes, voting and voter registration. From the highly respected and trusted Kaiser Family Foundation; Dates vary from 2019 to 2022.

State Scorecard 2021: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care

All states are ranked by The Commonwealth Fund in this 2021 State Scorecard on racial and ethnic equity in health system performance. Download state profiles to see just your state. States that formerly ranked at the top of the list, may not measure well due to racial or ethnic disparities. Measures cover access, affordability, prevention, treatment, potentially avoidable hospital use and cost, and healthy lives. An important report published November 2021.

State-by-State Snapshots (AHRQ)

State-by-state snapshots from AHRQ details quality and disparities in healthcare in your state. How does your state rate? State snapshots show strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in health and healthcare, based on data from the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (NHQDR). The data tool is updated on a periodic basis, by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, although dates are not visible. When checked in October 2022, the US as a whole was far under the benchmarks on 22 (of 137) measures. For the black population, about 1/4 of the measures were far below standard, compared to 18% of measures underperforming for the white population. Many of the under-performing measures were in nursing home, hospice or home health care.

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