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Assisted Living, Home Health, Nursing Home Average Costs 2021 (Genworth) Editor's Pick

What were the average costs for assisted living, home health, and nursing home care in 2021?  According to Genworth, the typical cost for home health aide in a licensed agency was $27 per hour nationwide (median). A homemaker cost was slightly lower. The highest hourly cost for a home health aide was in Minnesota, at $36 per hour (median). Sixteen other states also were at least $30 an hour. The lowest rate was in Louisiana, at $19.

A private one bedroom Assisted Living facility cost more than $54,000 per year ($4,500 per month), though assisted living cost about $80,000 per year in Washington DC, Alaska and Rhode Island. The Semi-private nursing home median room rate in the US was $260 per day (almost $95,000 for a full year); nearly $300 per day for a private room. Rates vary greatly across the states. In Alaska, the median price for a semi-private room in a nursing home was a whopping $1,036 daily rate. More than half (26) of the states and DC have an annual median cost for a semi-private nursing home room at over $100,000 per year. All states listed; adult day care and homemaker rates also shown. Survey by Genworth Financial (CareScout) in August 2021; published January 2022.

Cost of Assisted Living, Home Health Aides, Nursing Homes (2015 Northwestern)

Find the cost of assisted living, home health aides and nursing homes from this 2015 study. Northwestern Mutual surveyed assisted living facilities, home health agencies and Medicare-certified nursing homes in all states and DC in 2015. Average rate for assisted living was $4,383 per month ($52,591 per year). Average daily rate for nursing home private room was $273 per day; home health aides averaged $26 per hour, but ranged from $18 per hour to $43/hr. depending on city

Long-Term Care Data (AARP) 2020

AARP’s Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) State Scorecard for 2020 provides data on long-term care and state rankings. At the top of the rankings are Minnesota, Washington, and Wisconsin. The scorecard examines LTSS system performance in the areas of affordability and access, choice of setting and provider, quality of life and quality of care, support for family caregivers, and effective transitions. Includes average 2019 prices for home health and nursing home care (see p. 62). Median private room in a nursing home is reported at $102,200 (although it’s $362,628 per year in Alaska, and below $70,000 in Missouri and Oklahoma). The median cost of Home Care with 30 hours per week (at $23/hour) is $35,880 in the US. Average cost for assisted living is estimated at nearly $50,000. Individual state detail is provided for nursing homes and home care. Full reference edition is 104 pages. Published September 2020. The most current available data, collected for this Scorecard, generally cover the period 2016–2019. These data were collected and analyzed in 2019, and so the Scorecard paints a picture of comprehensive LTSS system performance before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic began.

South Carolina – Average Medicaid Payments for Health Care Services – 2012

Find the average cost (payment) for healthcare services to Medicaid patients in South Carolina. SC Department of Health & Human Services shows how much the state paid for Medicaid costs, by type of service. It appears that the average amount paid per visit was about $38 (physician) and $88 (clinic); about $150 for a dental visit; $5,256 for a hospital inpatient stay, and $31,658 for a nursing facility resident in 2012. Consumers can also compare what each provider was paid by downloading the full datasheet (Excel file). Full charges (prices) are NOT shown. Medicaid Transparency Reporting project, FY 2012 data is latest available; very old.

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Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures 2022 Editor's Pick

Facts and figures, 2022, for Alzheimer’s Disease. Find overview, prevalence (estimated over 6 million Americans; one in 9 people age 65+), and detailed information about caregivers, long-term care costs, deaths from Alzheimer’s and lifetime risk. Addresses other dementias. For those who are age 85 or older, about 1/3 are estimated to have dementia. Twenty states were estimated to have at least 100,000 people with Alzheimer’s in 2020 – California leads the way with 690,000 estimated for 2020. Medicare paid about $21,000 for a beneficiary age 65+ with Alzheimer’s, compared to $7,600 for a Medicare patient without Alzheimer’s. Out-of-pocket expenses were $9,844, compared to $2,420 for someone without the disease (2021 dollars). Consumers should be advised that Medicaid (not Medicare) is the only public program that covers long-term nursing home care costs for those who qualify. Of the total costs of care for those age 65+ with Alzheimer’s, out-of-pocket payments are estimated to be larger ($81 billion) than Medicaid payments ($60 B). Extensive report by the nonprofit Alzheimer’s Association published 2022.

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