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Physicians Rate Health Insurance Plans 2014 (Medscape)

Find out how doctors rate health insurance plans. A sample of 6,000 physicians rated Blue Cross, Aetna, CIGNA, Harvard Pilgrim, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Kaiser, Oxford, Humana, HealthNet and UnitedHealthcare health insurance companies (payers) in 2014. On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), the best can only muster a 3.3 overall rating. Scores indicate how easy a health plan is to do business with. By Medscape. Last published 2014. No updates available.

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Illinois HMO and Health Insurance Complaints 2018 by Consumers (pdf)

Find HMO and health insurance plan complaints in Illinois for 2018. Click on Consumer Complaint Reports and select Complaint Ratio Reports to find rate of complaints for health insurance companies.  HMO complaints are separate from Individual plans and Group health plan complaints. The worst HMO complaint ratio for 2018 in plans that had at least $200 million in premiums, was Health Alliance Medical Plans (over 6% market share); six of the largest HMOs had no complaints in 2018. Other HMOs include Aetna, Celtic, Cigna, Health Alliance, United Healthcare (IL and Midwest). For Group Health coverage, the worst 2018 complaint ratio of the large plans was United Healthcare Insurance Company of IL (over 7% market share). The most common insurance complaints overall were about claims handling. Complaint record from 2018 is supplied by the Illinois Dept. of Insurance. Published May 2019; latest available as of March 2021.

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