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Axios-Ipsos Latest Views about Covid-19 (2022)

Axios-Ipsos regular poll (Wave 66) conducted May 13-16, 2022, finds many people (31%) say the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Fifty-nine (59%) of Republicans, along with 55% of the unvaccinated, believe the pandemic is over. This contrasts with just 27% of Independents, 10% of Democrats and 22% of the vaccinated who say it’s over. Almost 3 in 4 Americans (71%) describe the pandemic as a problem, but manageable.

While at least 6 in 10 people reported dining out, visiting loved ones or going shopping, only 40% said they have returned to their pre-Covid life.

The latest Coronavirus Index poll is Wave 66 of regular surveys conducted by Axios-Ipsos. The current poll has a margin of sampling error of 3.5 percentage points.

COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor Survey: 2022 (KFF) Editor's Pick

Find out what people think about COVID-19 vaccines in the Vaccine Monitor Surveys by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation). Surveys from December 2020 to the present are listed here. The Vaccine Monitor research tracks public attitudes and experiences with COVID-19 vaccinations. Updated May 2022.

Current Gallup Poll on Coronavirus Pandemic

Find poll results from Gallup on what people think about the coronavirus pandemic. Latest wave is from February 2022. At that time, almost 2/3 were not too worried about getting Covid. Most think the pandemic disruption will last through 2022, or longer. See the tracking on many aspects of people’s thinking, over the course of the pandemic. Results available back to March 2020.

Poll: Global Views on Coronavirus November 2022 (Ipsos)

Ipsos summarizes global perspectives on how the Covid-19 pandemic shaped views. Published November 2022. Other polls related to Covid and vaccines are also available at this site.

Poll: Views on COVID-19, Pew Research Center

Polls regarding people’s views on COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic, conducted over the past three years by the Pew Research Center. Political differences between Democrats and Republicans are frequently highlighted. The Pew Research category is titled Covid-19 and Politics.

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How Important is Health Care in 2022? (KFF Survey)

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll (KFF survey) shows  two health care concerns were among the top four that most people thought are important for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. The top health-related concerns were healthcare costs (#3), and abortion access (#4). Those two ranked behind inflation concerns (#1) and gun violence (#2). All top four issues were identified by a majority of respondents as being “very important”. The Covid-19 pandemic came in 7th, with 1 in 3 people ranking it as “very important”. Three other general issues were asked about and ranked: federal budget deficit (#5), climate change (#6) and the war in Ukraine (#8). Political party affiliation was identified for each respondent, including Independents. Survey of 1,847 adults, by the Kaiser Family Foundation July 7 to July 17, 2022.

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