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Concussion: Signs and Symptoms (CDC)

CDC discusses signs of concussions in four areas: Thinking/Remembering, Physical symptoms, Emotional/Mood signs, and Sleep changes. Includes danger signs in adults and children. Updated 2019

Fractures and Broken Bones (MedlinePlus)

The MedlinePlus site on fractures and broken bones is ad-free. Information includes bone scans and low bone density, hand, wrist, stress fractures, greenstick fractures, avulsion fractures, definition of closed reduction and more

MRSA Infections in Sports

Steps for coaches and athletic directors to take if they think an athlete has Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is a cause of skin infections in the community. Several reported clusters were identified among sports participants. Prevention measures are outlined. Updated 2019

Sports Injuries (MedlinePlus)

Sports Injuries by MedlinePlus gives helpful information on ankle sprains, cartilage and ligament injuries, concussion, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), eye injury, golfer and tennis elbow, hamstring muscle, miniscus, rotator cuff injury, stress fractures and more. Videos on ACL surgery. Website is ad-free.

Sports Safety (MedlinePlus)

Much of the MedlinePlus Sports Safety site is geared to kids, including bicycle helmet use laws, concussions and preventing injuries in soccer or volleyball. But adults too can learn about preventing basketball injuries, playing it safe on the baseball field and seniors staying active. See football helmet safety, trampoline safety

Other Helpful Listings

CDC Injury Facts – CDC Injury Center

Traumatic brain injury/concussion (2.5 million TBI-related ER visits each year), prescription drug overdose (opioids killing 47,600 people in 2017), falls, mass casualties, alcohol-related injuries, distracted driving injuries, teen drivers and car accidents, fires and burn injuries, motor vehicle crashes, poisoning, suicide, and violence, and prevention opportunities and more

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