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AIM DocFinder

The AIM DocFinder website lists physician license lookup data for 16 states: AL, AK, FL, GA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MN, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, TX and WY.  Many states have separate medical boards for MDs and osteopaths. The docboard AIM DocFinder site provides links to many (but not all) other state medical or osteopathic boards.  Check to see if the doctor’s license is still current or expired in your state. Physician Assistant licenses may also be able to checked for these states. AIM stands for Administrators in Medicine, The Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors. This site is very useful if you’re checking doctors in multiple states.

Alabama Board of Medical Examiners – Doctor License Look Up

Alabama Board of Medical Examiners site is easy to use to lookup a doctor’s license. Just enter last name of AL physician. Shows licensure, age, education, specialty, and whether the physician has public file (such as license suspension). Disciplinary action reports are attached and available. Both medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO)

Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Recent Disciplinary Actions

Recent doctor disciplinary actions decided by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners. Includes revocations of a doctor’s license to practice medicine in Alabama, or decision to reinstate license to practice. Suspensions, fines, physician reprimands, voluntary surrender of license and other public discipline by the AL Medical Board of Examiners, or the Medical Licensure Commission are listed in these monthly reports of Public Actions. The public log file, an online database, also shows actions over a longer time frame than the current quarter. When a physician’s license is restored and restrictions removed, the action will be shown in the public log file.

Alaska State Medical Board – doctor license lookup

Look up your AK doctor’s license at the Alaska State Medical Board. Select MEDICAL in the Program field, then physician (or osteopathic physician) to find information about your doctor. License expiration date, city and summary of any disciplinary actions are shown.

Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners – doctor license lookup

Osteopath doctor license lookup through the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners. Easy lookup to check the license of your DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) in AZ. The database appears to be the same one that includes MDs (Medical Doctors). Under Consumer Resources at the site, a link is provided showing Arizona physicians (DOs only) with disciplinary action (in chronological order). Click on “Recent Actions”. Data from

Arizona Medical Board – Physician License Lookup

Look up the physician license information on your Arizona doctor at the official website of the AZ Medical Board.  Find additional information on his/her Education and Training, whether there are any AZ Board investigations, and Malpractice / Criminal information. Use Doctor Search for doctor license lookup. Board certification must be checked separately. An additional feature of this site allows you to get a list of physicians in a certain city and specialty. Both MDs and DOs, as well as physician assistant licenses can be checked here. Under Consumer Resources (“For Consumers”) at the site, a link is provided showing Arizona physicians (MDs only) with disciplinary action (in chronological order). Click on “Recent Actions”. Data from

Arkansas State Medical Board – License Lookup and Physicians Directory

Medical license lookup and physician directory from the Arkansas State Medical Board. Scroll to Verify a License in AR. Look up basic license information on medical doctors (MD) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO) at this site. Shows field of board certification and specialty, as applicable. Physician Assistant licenses can also be checked here. Easy to use, since last name is all you need

California – Medical Board of CA – doctor license lookup

California medical board license lookup for doctors and physicians. Free lookup for CA physician license information, disciplinary actions and education. Find MDs and DOs, select license type Physicians and Surgeons. Or choose the appropriate selection under “Boards and Bureaus”. The medical boards for MDs are separate from osteopaths (DOs). Choose Medical Board or Osteopathic Medical Board. Easy to use. Shows disciplinary actions (if any). Types of public records include convictions, letters of reprimand, certain malpractice judgments or settlements, and minor administrative citations. May search by city to find physicians, by using Advanced Search. Nurses, physician assistants and others can be accessed from this licensing site as well. Site by Department of Consumer Affairs. Updated 2023.

Colorado – Physician Medical License Lookup

Lookup medical license info on Colorado physicians. Website to lookup your CO doctor’s license and credentials, by CO Dept. of Regulatory Agencies (Division of Registrations). Shows physician license expiration date, board certification, hospital affiliations and contracts, ownership interests in surgery centers, any disciplinary or malpractice history, and links to reports showing surrender of license. Must click on View Profile if you want to see the full information available. Colorado site covers medical doctors and osteopathic doctors.

Connecticut Physician License Lookup, Training, Certification, Profile

Connecticut medical license lookup for physicians. Doctor license lookup profile lists CT license information and expiration date, office location and hospital affiliations, education and training, board certification (and year certified), malpractice and 10-year discipline history (if any), and more information. Select Physician / Surgeon to search by doctor’s name or town of practice location. Psychologists and Physician Assistants (PAs) can also be searched at this site. Free from State of Connecticut eLicensing

Delaware Doctor License Lookup: Division of Professional Regulation

Look up your Delaware doctor license through the DE Division of Professional Regulation (DPR). Search here for basic license and discipline information on physicians, nursing home administrators, nurses, and more. The DE Board of Medical Practice is responsible for the licensing of doctors (MD & DO), physician’s assistants, respiratory care practitioners and emergency medical technicians – paramedics in Delaware. Other Boards may have contributed information on other professionals at this site

District of Columbia Medical Doctor License Lookup – Health Professional Licensing

District of Columbia (DC) medical doctor license lookup for physician licensing information. search for doctor license lookup. Includes both medical doctors and osteopaths, and other health professionals (such as dentists and chiropractors). Click on Medicine for profession to search for physician license information. Easy to use. Basic limited license data, such as expiration date, on Washington DC physicians.

Doctor Disciplinary Information on State Web Sites – by Public Citizen (all states)

Public Citizen provides trends on doctor disciplinary information found on state websites. The report ranks all states based on Serious Doctor Disciplinary Action Rates by State Medical Licensing Boards. Assessment of state licensing boards as to how aggressive they are with doctor discipline information, was last updated 2021. Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader and Sidney Wolfe, MD in 1971. Other political advocacy relative to quality of physicians, is included at this website.

Florida Dept. of Health License Lookup for Doctors, Physicians, professionals

Medical license lookup for doctors, FL physicians and other professionals, from the Florida Department of Health. Find practitioner profile information for Florida medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and registered nurses. Training, education, FL license expiration date, disciplinary action (if any), board certification and more. Easy to use. Deceased physicians are also in this database.

Florida Medical Board – Physician License Lookup

The Florida Medical website for physician license lookup shows when the doctor received a FL license. This docfinder “docboard” website is by AIM – the Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors. It only gives a very brief outline of information on individual FL physicians. If you want the full medical doctor license lookup, click on the link to the full Florida state Practitioner Profile listing. Updated 2023.

Georgia Physicians – Medical License lookup and credentials (free)

Medical license lookup for Georgia physicians. Lookup your GA doctor’s credentials at this site. Doctors licensed in Georgia have a published physician profile that includes medical education, training and board certification. Also shows any “public board orders”, criminal offenses and disciplinary actions. Includes MD licenses that were revoked, suspended or surrendered. Site by the State of Georgia Composite Medical Board. May search by city. Includes Physician Assistant (PA) lookup. Easy to use.

Hawaii – HawaiiGov – Professional Doctor License Lookup

Look up your doctor’s license at this site from hawaiigov. You should know the first name of the doctor you’re searching for, or you may have difficulty finding him/her in Hawaii. Not as good as most state license physician look-up sites. Insert MD to find medical doctor, and limit your search. Operated through the HA state Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)

Idaho Board of Medicine – Physician License Lookup

Doctor license lookup in Idaho, from the Idaho Board of Medicine. Select Board of Medicine to look up whether ID physician licenses are current. Check to find any Idaho Board of Medicine disciplinary-type action on file for the doctor you’re interested in. Full Board Action reports are linked for viewing.

Illinois – Physician Profile – free license lookup (DFPR)

Lookup your Illinois doctor’s license, at this elicense online website. Select Medical Board to start your search for physician medical license. Look up doctor license expiration date for both MDs and DOs. See if there is a discipline indicator or not. The new site provides limited information. No longer can you find education, training, and board certification; nor the optional hospital affiliations, health insurance, honors & awards, community activities, and publications. Site by IL state Division of Financial and Professional Regulation, updated 2022.

Indiana Online Licensing – Doctor License Lookup

Lookup an Indiana doctor’s license online Select Medical Licensing Board from the drop-down menu under Profession. This IN site is not as easy to use as most states are. Make sure you select Indiana in their drop-down menu, an example of an extra step that makes this site cumbersome. Also select Physician or Osteopathic Physician to find doctor you’re looking for. Basic info on physician medical license, and notes if any disciplinary action exists for a doctor. Both expired licenses and active physicians are listed.

Iowa Board of Medicine – physician license lookup

Iowa physician license lookup through the Board of Medicine. Find medical license info on your IA doctor. Search by name, specialty or by town such as Sioux City, Decorah, Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Marshalltown. Find physicians in your city, with public discipline records. Check IA medical license expiration date.

Kansas Doctor License Lookup – Physician License Lookup

Kansas physician medical license lookup. from the Board of Healing Arts includes medical doctors (MDs), Osteopaths (DO), Chiropractors, and more here. KS doctor license lookup includes medical school, license status, specialty and whether there is any board action (discipline) information on file on the doctor. Can also search for list of physicians in a town or city in KS.

Kentucky Doctor License Lookup – Board of Medical Licensure

Doctor license lookup from the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure provides physician profiles for both medical doctors (MD) and osteopaths (DO). Find verified license information, medical school, years of practice in KY and more. For Board Actions, consumers may read current (only) KY disciplinary orders online, or submit a written request for past reports on disciplinary actions. Inactive physicians are included in the lookup. Physician assistants and acupuncturist licenses are listed with Allied Health.

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners – Physician License Lookup

Louisiana Physician license lookup through the State Board of Medical Examiners. Basic license information on doctors; most profiles do not include medical school, etc. LA database also serves as a genealogy reference tool, since physicians licensed as early as 1900 are listed. Physicians are co-mingled in the database with many other professionals. Select Physician, License Status Active and the state of Louisiana to narrow your search.

Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine – Doctor License Lookup

Doctor license lookup at Maine from the Board of Licensure in Medicine. Select “Medicine” in the Agency menu. Check your physician’s current license status in Maine, education and training, and whether any disciplinary action has been taken. Search by doctor’s name, city (such as Portland or Lewiston) or specialty. Physician Assistants are also at this site from Regulatory Licensing and Permitting. Details of any discipline may be linked for consumer view.

Maryland – Physician License Lookup

Look up a MD physician medical license here. Maryland Board of Physicians public profile system works, but gives the impression they don’t want to help you too much. You need to know the doctor’s first name, or this may be very time consuming. Multiple professions (such as Respiratory Care or radiology techs) are co-mingled with the physician licenses. If the name is in CAPITAL letters, it probably is NOT a doctor. Maryland Board of Physicians, MBP.

Massachusetts Doctor License Lookup and Physician Profiles Editor's Pick

Massachusetts medical doctor license lookup and physician profiles. Massachusetts provides one-stop access to information about the education, training, board certification status, malpractice, discipline and criminal records (if any) of all licensed physicians. Both MD and DO (osteopathic doctors). MA Board of Registration in Medicine site is easy to use.

Michigan – Health or Medical Doctor License Lookup Editor's Pick

Look up a physician or medical doctor license in Michigan. Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) site allows consumers to check medical licenses and disciplinary actions (if any) on doctors (MD and DO), nurses, chiropractors, dentists, orthodontists, family therapists, certified nurse aides, nursing home administrators, pharmacists, physical therapists, physician assistants (PAs), psychologists, respiratory therapists, social workers, optometrists, and more. Covers Board of Medicine, Board of Osteopathic Medicine, and others in the Bureau of Health Professions. Updated 2023.

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice – Medical license lookup

Medical license lookup through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. Look up your MN doctor’s license and medical education. Verify a physician license by searching name, town or license number. Information includes license expiration date, education, post-graduate training, board certification, recent discipline, office location. When searching by city, one may need the subspecialty as well as the specialty, in order to narrow the number of physicians. Includes Physician Assistants. Easy to use when searching by name.

Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure – Physician License Lookup

Mississippi Physician License Lookup from the state Board of Medical Licensure. Mississippi doctor license lookup provides basic information online and free. Easy to use. Doctors with a Public Record (implied negative) or discipline are indicated. Details are shown if the MS doctor has an active medical license. Database includes out of state doctors with Miss. licenses, deceased physicians, and physician assistants.

Missouri Doctor License Lookup and Physician License Search

Missouri doctor license lookup and physician search. To check your physician’s license in Missouri, it’s helpful to have your doctor’s first name also, or the county in MO. Otherwise, you may get over 100 names, including those now in other states. Physicians are listed under H for Healing Arts. Limited info such as license expiration date, address and whether doctor has a discipline status. Board certification is also listed, but is not verified. Professional school is listed – presumably this is their med school. Provided by MO Division of Professional Registration Licensee Search for Active Licenses and Licensees only

Montana – Physician License Look-up

Physician license lookup in Montana through the MT Dept. of Labor and Industry. Select Licensing Board of Medical Examiners, and License Type Medical Doctor or Osteopathic Physician to search the right database. Basic information on doctor license (such as expiration date), and whether there may be any disciplinary action on file. If there has been discipline in Montana, you can view the actual report.

Nebraska Medical License Lookup – Physicians

Physician license lookup on Nebraska medical doctors. Click on Type: Individual to get the screen that lets you put in a doctor’s name to check medical license information. Both MDs and DOs (osteopaths) are listed at this NE license site. Lists date when the physician license expires, medical school, and whether any discipline exists. Other types of healthcare professionals (e.g. PAs, nurses) can also be checked here. Insert Active License Status and Medicine as Profession to limit results. Official Nebraska (NE) government site

Nevada Board of Osteopathic Medicine: D.O. license lookup

Look up the license of a Nevada DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Verify your physician’s license at this web site by the NV State Board of Osteopathic Medicine in Las Vegas. Reportable malpractice claims and discipline (disciplinary actions) will be noted.

Nevada Doctor Discipline from the Board of Medical Examiners

Check to see if your Nevada doctor has any discipline from the NV Board of Medical Examiners. This state website provides a brief description of disciplinary actions against NV physicians from 1988 to the present. Alphabetical list of doctors, with years co-mingled. Very easy to use. Includes discipline for physician assistants and other licensed clinical staff.

Nevada Physician License Lookup and Verification

License Lookup for Nevada physicians. Search by name. Verify your doctor’s medical license is still active, education and training, and whether there is any discipline on file. From State of NV Board of Medical Examiners

New Hampshire Physician License Lookup

New Hampshire physician online doctor license lookup and verification. Site includes MD and DO licenses for New Hampshire doctors. Profiles show medical school (and year), residency training, board certification and specialty, license expiration date, and more. Select Profession Medicine and License Type Physician. Physician Assistants are also at this NH website. Supported by the New Hampshire State Board of Medicine.

New Jersey Physician Profile – NJ doctor license lookup

NJ doctor license lookup helps you find New Jersey physician profile information. Includes doctor’s education, training, board certification, license and medical practice. May click on Legal Actions to see whether the physician has been the subject of disciplinary actions in NJ, or other states in the last 10 years, or made malpractice payments in the last five years. NJ Health Care Profile lists medical doctors (including osteopathic), podiatrists and optometrists. MD license lookup, DO license lookup.

New Mexico – Osteopathic Doctor License Lookup (D.O.)

Look up the license for a New Mexico doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) Website has now been consolidated with the “regular” New Mexico Medical Board site. Verify licensing of an osteopath doctor in New Mexico. Site through Minimal information on D.O.

New Mexico Medical Board – Physician license lookup (Medical Doctor)

NM Physician license lookup. Look up your medical doctor’s license from the New Mexico Medical Board. Easy to use. Shows license expiration date. Should know the physician’s first name to do the search. NM physician profiles include medical school and board certification information. Public Action is probably discipline-type action by the Board. Doctors who are no longer practicing in New Mexico are still in the database. NM physician DocFinder search site is hosted by the Administrators in Medicine (AIM) at Updated 2023.

New York Doctor License Lookup and Online Verification Searches

Doctor License Lookup and online verification for all professions in New York state. Check here to see if your NY doctor holds a current license. Professions include physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, PAs, therapists, social workers, technologists, audiologists, acupuncturists, athletic trainers, etc., and non-health professions like CPAs. Site by the NY State Education Department, Office of the Professions (OP).

New York Physician Credentials Lookup MDs and Osteopaths

Credentials lookup for New York physicians, both Medical Doctors (MDs) and Osteopaths (DOs.) Check your doctor’s credentials and profile at this official NY state site. You will find medical school education, Board certification and any legal or disciplinary actions against the doctor, plus additional information. Translations available in Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Haitian/Creole. Link provided to report professional misconduct or to read details of Medical Board decisions. Note: Current License verification is NOT at this site. Check NY Online Verification site (above) instead. Also, Board certification information may be out-of-date. Check ABMS for the latest information on board certification.

North Carolina Medical Board – Doctor License Lookup

Doctor License Lookup at the North Carolina Medical Board website. Check a physician or Physician Assistant’s (PA) education and background in NC, through a free search by name or location. Select Consumer Resources to begin. A physician with a Public Action (e.g. surrender of license in NC) is also listed with a report of the public order. Be sure to click on the Actions tab. Site is easy to use

North Dakota Doctor License Lookup: State Board of Medical Examiners

Doctor license lookup in North Dakota, through the ND State Board of Medical Examiners. Find basic physician license information, and whether there is any disciplinary action. Board certification is listed as yes/no (Y or N). Search by doctor’s last name. Includes doctors who once practiced in ND, but are no longer licensed there. Physician assistants also at this website. Easy and quick to use

Ohio Medical License Lookup – Search Doctor License

Medical license lookup for Ohio doctors. The Ohio Professional License verification service lets consumers look up a physician license. Shows doctor’s specialty, license expiration date, discipline or Medical Board action (if any) and more. Both MDs and DOs (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) are subject to Medical Board oversight. Details of citations and discipline may be available. Includes physicians who once worked in OH, but are no longer active. Physician assistant (PA) licenses also included in the Board of Medicine, and who the supervising physician is. Can search for chiropractors and dentists at this license look-up site also.

Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure – Doctor License Lookup MD or PA

Look up the license for an MD Medical Doctor or Physician Assistant (PA) at this site by the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. OK doctor profiles show medical school (and year), board certification, whether any disciplinary action, as well as license info. Some physicians have provided extra information about their practice. Can do a quick search for those who have had a disciplinary action. Many disciplined doctors have full reports available online.

Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners – DO Doctor License Lookup

Doctor license lookup for DOs through the Oklahoma Board of Osteopathic Examiners. Shows DO – Doctor of Osteopathy – physician license information. Lookup  license expiration date and D.O. disciplinary actions from the last five years (if any). Discipline details online are limited. License profiles include specialty and whether doctor is Board certified. Hospital privileges are indicated. Consumers must know if their doctor is a DO or MD to know which OK state license site to visit.

Oregon Medical Board – Doctor License Lookup Editor's Pick

Oregon doctor license lookup. The Oregon Medical Board (omb) site permits search for both medical doctors and osteopaths. Confirm your physician’s license and verify disciplinary standing (“board orders”). Check additional details such as practice address and education. Beware that self-reported specialty may not be the same as Board-certified specialty as confirmed by ABMS. Information on malpractice claims is linked. Easy to use.

Pennsylvania Physician License Lookup and Verification

Medical license lookup for Pennsylvania physicians. License verification and lookup for PA doctors. Select State Board of Medicine or State Board of Osteopathic Medicine in the Board/Commission drop-down menu box, depending on whether you’re looking for MD or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Can search separately for disciplinary actions. Site by the Pennsylvania Dept. of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs co-mingles all licenses.

Rhode Island Doctor License Lookup – Check Physician License

Rhode Island Doctor License Lookup helps you check your physician’s license. Shows basic doctor license information and expiration dates for MDs and DOs (Osteopaths) in Rhode Island. Includes medical school and year graduated, plus whether any discipline. Reports of disciplinary actions are available online. Select Physician in the Profession drop-down menu. Can search by city. Information from the RI Department of Health. Check Physician Assistants licenses also at this site. Nursing home and assisted living inspection reports are also searchable and online in full, at this lookup site.

South Carolina Doctor License Lookup

Check your doctor’s license at the South Carolina Medical Board’s medical license lookup. All professions are found here – medical doctors, osteopaths and some non-doctor professions as well, such as physician assistant (PA). Be very careful in reading the asterisk * in the Specialty column – if it comes Before the specialty code, it means one thing (in residency training), and if it’s After the code, it means something quite different (board certified). Consumers must stay alert. Site by the SC Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

South Dakota Board of Medical & Osteopathic Examiners – Physician License Look-Up

Look up your South Dakota physician license at the SD Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners site. Both medical doctor and osteopathic doctor lookup. Find (free online) license expiration dates. Only basic license data are shown to the general public. It will be noted if a disciplinary action exists and a link to a summary of the discipline. Easy to use. Visit the AMA website and the ABMS website to get additional useful information on physicians.

Tennessee – Physician Profile & License Lookup

Tennessee physician license lookup. Easy to use medical license site to verify doctor licensure in TN. If a disciplinary action profile exists for any TN doctor, it too will be listed here. Licenses for both medical doctors and osteopathic physicians listed at this site, showing education, training, board certification, publications, community service; more detailed than many sites. TN Department of Health website.

Texas Medical Board – Physician License Lookup

Lookup a physician license from the Texas Medical Board. Find your TX physician (both MD and DO), and verify licensure. Shows doctor’s medical school, board certification, and whether any disciplinary board actions or medical malpractice investigations have been taken. Easy to use license lookup. May include disclosures about discipline in any other state the physician practiced in. Deceased doctors may also be in this list for doctor lookup (such as the famous Michael DeBakey MD).

Utah License Lookup & Verification System – Doctors & Others

Doctor license lookup in Utah. To narrow your search for a Utah doctor, select PHYSICIAN or OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN in the field for profession. The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing provides the Licensee Lookup and Verification System service. Find information on other licensed professionals such as nurses, physician assistants, social workers, psychologists, chiropractors at this site. Disciplinary actions for any doctor will only indicate “yes” or “no.”

Vermont – Medical Practice Board – Physician license lookup

Physician license lookup is provided by the Vermont Board of Medical Practice. Covers MDs only. Osteopathic doctors must be verified at the state Office of Professional Regulation (see next listing). Extensive physician profiles including years in practice, malpractice items, education, training and board certification, and past hospital appointments in other states. The site also shows other professionals supervised by the doctor. Click on View Profile to see the additional information. Doctor license lookup is easy to use at the VT Department of Health website.

Vermont – Osteopath Physician License Lookup – Office of Professional Regulation

Lookup license information on osteopathic physicians and other professionals through the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation. In addition to osteopathic doctors, consumers can find license information on chiropractors, nurses, nursing home administrators, psychologists, pharmacists, social workers and more. This site is through the Vermont Secretary of State. Select Osteopath to search by doctor’s (DO) name. Must have both first and last name, or license number to make this site work. Very limited information.

Virginia Board of Medicine Doctor License Lookup and Credentials Editor's Pick

Virginia Board of Medicine doctor license lookup and credentials. Medical license lookup for Virginia (VA) medical doctors, osteopaths and podiatrists. Site includes practitioner license, education, specialization and Board Certification (and when it may have expired), academic appointments, discipline (proceedings, actions and convictions) and malpractice claims paid in the last 10 years. Click on all the tabs for the physician you are interested in. MDs, osteopaths and podiatrists are all at this Virginia government doctor lookup site. Easy to read and to use.

Washington – Doctor License Lookup – Medical Credential System

Look up your doctor’s license and medical credentials in Washington. All professions – medical doctor (physician), osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, etc. can be searched at this license lookup site by the WA State Department of Health. Select Physician and Surgeon for MDs, Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon for DOs. Basic physician license date information, plus whether any disciplinary or enforcement actions have been taken. The discipline details are linked. Must have the correct first initial of the physician’s first name to find information.

West Virginia Board of Medicine – MD Physician License Lookup

Physician license lookup in West Virginia through the WV Board of Medicine. In addition to information about a medical doctor’s training and license expiration date, this site displays and links to other states in which the physician (MD) is or was licensed to practice – a unique feature that may open up opportunities to learn additional information. Web site also shows details of doctor malpractice and discipline. Info available on West Virginia physicians, PAs (physician assistants) and podiatrists

West Virginia License Lookup for Osteopathic Physicians

West Virginia physician license lookup for Osteopathic doctors. Look up and verify your doctor of osteopathy’s (DO) license, through the WV Board of Osteopathic Medicine. Site shows if there has been disciplinary action for West Virginia physicians. A link to complaints and discipline reports makes it easy to find information. Can search by city. Ease to use.

Wisconsin – Doctor License Lookup and Discipline Records

Doctor license lookup for Wisconsin includes discipline records. Maintained by the WI Dept. of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS), this site allows consumers to check their Wisconsin doctor’s licensing information (to see if still active), and any disciplinary actions called Orders. Full report of discipline-related events can be accessed, so consumer can judge for him/ herself. Physicians are listed under Medicine and Surgery (select DO or MD). Licensed Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Dentists, RNs, etc. are also at this web site

Wyoming Board of Medicine – Doctor License Lookup – Search the Physician Directory

Lookup your Wyoming doctor’s license at this WY physician directory from the Wyoming Board of Medicine. Both MDs and DOs (osteopathic doctors) are listed. Board certification is also listed. Can check to see if the doctor has a discipline record. As of June 20, 2022, an alphabetical disciplinary report was available on discipline. On individual profiles, the details button provides an extensive report.  Easiest way to search is by last name, or by city.

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