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Illinois Nursing Home 2020 Long Term Care Cost Reports

Find nursing home cost reports for 2020 in Illinois, long term care. Each licensed nursing home in IL files a cost report that shows statistics and financial information on its operations. Available online through the IL Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services. Geared to administrative uses, 2020 reports show who owns the facility, annual salary for key positions such as the administrator, how much time owners may be onsite, and corporate office management fees. Cost reports are useful for those who want to deep dive into how expenses are allocated at the facility. They do not, for example, include COVID deaths in their nursing home.

Virginia Nursing Facilities – Financial Information, Prices, Quality

Compare Virginia Nursing Home Facilities on Financial information and Quality. Some prices (daily or monthly rates) for Nursing and assisted living facilities are shown. Use the regional groups, or search by zip code and radius. Quality reports were updated in April 2022, based on CMS data. (The actual dates of service reflected in the data are not shown.) Room rates are implied to be current, but consumers should double-check the actual rates. Facility financial information and efficiency indicators reflect 2020-2021 results. It appears inspection reports are no longer linked. Site by Virginia Health Information, updated april and December 2022.

Oregon Hospital Guide to Costs

The Oregon Hospital Guide to Costs lets consumers compare hospitals on 2016 (very old) costs. Compare up to 3 hospitals at a time for inpatient and outpatient surgery procedures, imaging tests, newborn care, chemotherapy and radiation paid by commercial insurance companies or patient-paid amounts. Median amounts paid in 2016 (not charges) are shown for most common outpatient procedures and most common inpatient procedures. Full charges or prices are not shown. Consumers may wish to add minimum medical inflation factor (17%) to guess 2022 costs. Better yet, contact the hospital. Medicare and Medicaid are excluded. Includes maternity & newborn payments, heart care, stents, cardiac cath, hip and knee replacement, many surgery payments such as cataracts, hernia, hysterectomy, kidney removal, gall bladder, breast biopsy, carpal tunnel, mastectomy, tonsillectomy, endoscopy, shoulder surgery, appendectomy. Amounts paid for CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, x-ray and ultrasound; chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Hospitals also list their financial performance measures for 2018 at this website. Such information is also outdated. Site by the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) to meet state requirements, but not particularly relevant in 2022.

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