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Alaska Assisted Living – List of facilities (2021)

Find a list of Assisted Living facilities in Alaska. Click on Find Assisted Living Homes in Alaska to find an Excel spreadsheet list of Alaska’s assisted living homes. Basic contact information from AK Health and Social Services contains facilities as small as one resident. Updated April 2021.

Colorado – Directory of Health Facilities

Colorado directory of health facilities lists Assisted Living facilities, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, birth centers, hospitals, home health and hospice agencies, chiropractic centers, mental health centers, dialysis treatment centers, physical therapy clinics, outpatient rehab, rural health clinics and more. View Community Resources to find rosters and addresses only, or click Get Detailed profile to see inspection reports, complaints, etc. By CO Dept. of Public Health and Environment.

Georgia – Hospital, nursing home, home health inspection reports

Find Georgia Inspection Reports for hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice, and all other types of healthcare facilities. Reports are for any state-licensed, registered or certified health facility (including ESRD) or assisted living personal care homes in GA. Check to see if there is a report available from the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH). Limited comparative information. Inspection violation reports are available for nursing homes, hospitals and other health services. Redesigned site in 2020 is easier to use.

Iowa Senior Resources: LifeLong Links

LifeLong Links is a directory of resources for seniors. The directory is sponsored by the Iowa Aging and Disability Resource Centers and its six Area Agencies on Aging. This resource may provide information in finding support services for seniors in each county in Iowa. Services might include assisted living (listed under Long Term Care), meals (see Home-Delivered meals), transportation and driving evaluation, chore services, senior centers, Alzheimer support groups, and other less common services. Consumers may call 1-866-468-7887, or browse the categories online. Calling might be best, as it may be difficult to find key resources in this modified directory, such as Mom’s Meals. Descriptions of the services are limited.

Minnesota Assisted Living, Psych & Health Care Directory Search

Search the directory for a list of Minnesota licensed, registered or certified health care providers. Facilities such as Assisted Living (Housing with Services), Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Psychiatric hospitals, residential Supervised Living Facilities, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehab facilities, Mental Health and Rural Health Clinics are listed. Find name and contact information. Provided by the MN Department of Health, updated 2022.

Nebraska lists of health care facilities (rosters only)

Find a list of healthcare facilities in Nebraska. Lists are rosters with addresses and telephone numbers of health care facilities licensed in NE, including hospitals, nursing homes, adult day services, assisted living facilities, hospices, home health agencies, ambulatory surgery centers, mental health, substance abuse, respite care centers, and some clinics such as kidney dialysis services. Roster provide basic information only, no quality or inspection information. Provided by Nebraska DHHS Licensing office. Some specialty services are listed in the fine print. Updated monthly.

North Carolina lists of health care facilities (rosters, pdf)

Find a list of licensed facilities in North Carolina: assisted living adult care (7 or more beds), family care homes (2 to 6 beds), nursing homes, ambulatory surgery and endoscopy centers, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, home health and hospice care services, hospitals, ICF/MR; mental health facilities, residential treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals. Basic contact and addresses, including NC facility license number. Rosters only, updated 2022.

North Dakota Health Care Facilities (Lists Only)

Lists of many different types of healthcare facilities in North Dakota. Find a hospital, home health agency, ambulatory surgery center, rehab or physical therapy facility, kidney dialysis, skilled nursing home, basic care (assisted living) facility and other health care providers here. Contact information only; no quality or cost comparisons except through additional links. Newly redesigned website by the ND Division of Health Facilities. State government lists are updated by the health department licensing section.

Pennsylvania Health Care Facility & Home Health Locator

Find a licensed healthcare facility or home health agency in Pennsylvania. Use the directory or locator to search by county for an Ambulatory Surgical Center, Birth Center, Community Mental Health Center, FQHC, Outpatient Rehab, End Stage Renal Disease, Home Health Agency, Home Care, Hospice, Hospital, Intermediate Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Nursing Home, Pediatric Extended Care, Speech and Physical Therapy, Abortion, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, and Rural Health Clinic in PA. Many of the sites have links to facility-specific inspection survey reports. Pennsylvania Department of Health

Tennessee lists of Health Care Facilities (rosters)

Find lists of health care facilities in Tennessee (TN), including assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, kidney dialysis (end stage renal), residential rehabilitation treatment facilities, home health, hospice, birthing centers and more. Shows contact information and license expiration date. Shows whether disciplinary actions have been taken against the facility. Full report of discipline orders will show what statutes (laws) or rules were violated, and what fines may have been assessed. Details of what happened may be outlined briefly in Stipulations of Fact.

Washington lists of Health Facilities (rosters)

Find a list of health facilities in the state of Washington. Use the interactive database to find lists of health care facilities licensed by the WA State Department of Health: hospitals, and home health (filed under I for In-Home service). Provides only the barest amount of information and does NOT include nursing homes. Closed and expired licenses take up a good share of the listings, requiring consumers to wade through long lists to see who might be actively licensed in a city. This Washington site gets a pick for consumer unfriendly.

West Virginia Personal Attendant Agencies (roster)

West Virginia lists its personal attendant agencies as a roster. Find a WV personal attendant agency to provide in-home help. County served and basic contact info only. Some agencies have links to their websites. From West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services. Updated April 2022.

Wisconsin Directory of Health Care Facilities and Agencies (DHS)

Statewide Wisconsin directory of all types of licensed health care facilities and agencies.  Lists hospitals and health care facilities that are licensed to serve Wisc. residents. Includes assisted living, outpatient surgery centers, kidney dialysis providers, home health agencies, hospice, outpatient rehabilitation, rural health clinics, swing bed hospitals and nursing homes. Inspection and complaint reports are linked. The Excel list of Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) also shows the approximate range of prices and services offered (implied 2022 rates, but should be confirmed).  Information is from the WI Department of Health Services (DHS). Consumers can also call toll free 1-800-642-6552 to file complaints. Updated 2022.

ZocDoc – Dentists, Doctors, Psychologist Appointments

ZocDoc helps make appointments with doctors, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, eye doctors and nurse practitioners. Both in-person and video visits are featured. Easy to use free list of physicians in primary care, psychologists and dentists in many states, who show appointments available today or within the next week. Patients can see map of office location, book appointment online, and rate the doctor after office visit. Profiles show which health insurance is accepted (or whether they are out-of-network), Board Certification (not all MDs or DOs have this credential), and languages spoken. Marketing service created by ZocDoc entrepreneurs.

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