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VA (veterans) Hospitals and Clinics – Access Wait Times and Quality Scores Editor's Pick

Detailed ratings to compare all of the Veterans Health Administration hospitals using current data. Easy to compare waiting time and access for VA clinics in your area, crossing state lines. Access and waiting times are updated for 2019. Very quick to find how long you might have to wait for primary care, mental health, or other specialty appointments. Satisfaction ratings, and ratings of outpatient care.  For comparisons to private hospitals and nursing homes, the VA provides links to the federal HospitalCompare and NursingHomeCompare sites. New website is very user friendly for all types of VA clinics, hospitals, nursing homes. Editor’s Pick.

VA Hospital, Medical Facility Quality and Satisfaction Reports

The Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (OIG) makes its VA Medical Center oversight reports available online. Titles include Combined Assessment Program or Community Based Outpatient Clinic Reviews; Audits; or Healthcare Inspections. Listed by date; use filters on right within each category to select location. Topics include quality ratings and patient safety, consumer satisfaction & experience of care, nursing home contracts, screening and/or treatment times, volumes and more. Updated 2019

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VA Hospitals – Directives and Standards

VHA Directives for a five year period are linked here. Wide variety of subjects, including mental health, suicide risk training, adverse drug event reporting. Directives that may have expired, such as transgender services, may still be available for reference at the site. Responsibilities are clearly outlined. US Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Updated 2019

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