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US News Best Nursing Homes 2022-2023 Editor's Pick

U.S. News 2022-2023 list of best nursing homes use federal government CMS star ratings and quality measures from the CMS data of July 2022. Just over 2,400 nursing homes gained High Performing status, out of more than 15,000. The top rated nursing homes selected by US News had to be high performing for either short-term rehab care, or long-term care, or both. Only 335 nursing homes qualified as top performing for both, compared to over 1,000 last year. There were 559 nursing homes categorized as Below Average for both short and long-term care. USNews compared its nursing home ratings to those of CMS Care Compare. The two separate methodologies were in fairly close agreement much of the time, about low-scoring, average, and higher scoring nursing homes. However, they were in perfect agreement only 1/4 of the time (28%). Consequently, consumers should check Nursing Home Compare ratings also. Sometimes (40 nursing homes) CMS would rate the nursing home 5, while USNews gave it a 1 star, or vice versa. Even USNews states that the highest-rated nursing homes are NOT necessarily the best choices. Information on nursing homes from NursingHomeCompare published by US News. Most dates of service were from 2021 or 2022, with Covid vaccination data from July 2022. Updated November 2022.

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