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Women’s Health Issues (MedlinePlus)

Women’s Health Issues website by MedlinePlus is ad-free. Site includes link to Mayo Clinic’s prevention advice on top threats to women’s health. Also links to most recent causes of death to women (2018): Heart disease 21.8%, cancer 20.5%, stroke and COPD combine to account for about half of women’s deaths. Add in Alzheimer’s disease, Unintentional injuries, and Diabetes and you get over 2/3 of the deaths.

Women’s Health Topics from

Women’s Health Topics from include usual subjects of mammograms, pregnancy and heart disease, plus special topics like violence against women, caregiver stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, Graves’ disease, urinary incontinence, migraines, sleep disorders and more

Women: Checklist for Staying Healthy – all ages

A Checklist for Women Staying Healthy: Tips for Women of all ages. Find out what steps are recommended to stay healthy. Age groups include 18 to 39, 50 to 64 and age 65 and older. Includes list of screening tests and preventive medicine for women. From Baylor College of Medicine, Sept. 2019.

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Heart Disease in Women (MedlinePlus)

What women need to know about heart disease; angioplasty, stent, pacemaker, cardiac arrhythmia, diagnostic tests such as calcium scan, cardiac cath, EKG, cardiac MRI; cardiac rehab. Find recipe-of-the-week for a healthy heart. Read about coronary microvascular disease (MVD) and broken heart syndrome. Links provided to heart valve disease (such as stenosis), including TAVR.

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