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Consumer Health Ratings, Your Guide to Quality and Cost, is a public service provided by The Dahlen Company, LLC. We have compiled the most comprehensive online listing of places on the Internet where you can find free information and free evaluations of your healthcare providers in the U.S. We provide links to sites that compare hospitals, health insurance plans, medical groups, doctors, ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, fertility clinics, and other important healthcare providers. We have categorized and described information to help you research performance results on quality and member or patient satisfaction; check physician credentials and licenses; compare costs; find different types of health professionals; improve your own health by taking personal health improvement actions; and in general, better understand the healthcare system so you live better. By accessing this site, you agree to our complete Terms of Use.

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Medical or Health Information

Consumer Health Ratings does not provide specific medical advice, and urges you to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis, treatment, and decisions about choosing providers. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician or care providers. Nothing on this site should be used as a substitute for medical advice, and you should never disregard medical advice because of something you have read on Consumer Health Ratings. Commentary provided by Consumer Health Ratings is opinion, not fact.


Consumer Health Ratings is intended to be used by adults ages 18 and over. Children and teenagers under age 18 should first obtain parental permission before using this site. If not properly understood, a misinterpretation of information about mortality rates, for example, might cause undue alarm.

Links To External Sites

External links are provided as a convenience for our visitors. They do not constitute endorsement or approval by Consumer Health Ratings of these organizations, their ratings, products or reports. We do not endorse any specific hospital, physician, medical group, health plan or healthcare organization, and none should be inferred. We do not control these external sites and bear no responsibility for their content. If you decide to access linked external websites, you do so at your own risk. Your use of external websites is subject to the terms and conditions in effect at each site. While we initially review all of the sites to determine whether these sites are working to produce quality, accurate and useful information to the best of their ability, inevitably there are limitations. Clicking an organization or report listed at will automatically take you to an external site, unless otherwise clearly stated.

Limitations of Primary and Linked Sites

You accept that Consumer Health Ratings and its external links have limitations that include, but are not limited to:

  • The dynamic and constantly changing nature of medical information, the quality ratings field, costs and prices, employment and practice locations, government policy and regulation, and the Internet;
  • Time lags (often more than one year) between the time period when health-related events actually occur, and when reports are published;
  • Past performance of healthcare professionals and institutions is no guarantee of current or future performance;
  • The difficulty experts face in writing consumer-friendly information, while explaining and preserving the integrity of the scientific ratings process;
  • Imperfections in any ratings methodology;
  • Necessity of acquiring a current version of the Adobe Acrobat reader, which may be downloaded free of charge from, in order to view pdf files;
  • Variation among consumers in understanding complex medical conditions and the meaning of “statistically significant” results as it applies to ratings;
  • Ability of external sites to change their content without our knowledge or agreement, and the impossibility of doing an exhaustive review of the total content at each linked site;
  • The wide range of parties involved in performing ratings, rankings and credentials verifications, who may study different time periods, use different methods of analysis and prepare unique report formats that may appear to conflict with one another, or may otherwise confuse you.


No Obligation to Include or Exclude Links

Consumer Health Ratings has no obligation to include any link, or to exclude any link. We are not responsible for disputes, conflicts or other problems that may arise between websites linked to Consumer Health Ratings, nor between website visitors and websites listed at Consumer Health Ratings. While we welcome recommendations from our site visitors about useful links, there is no guarantee that your links will be added, nor added within a certain time frame. We reserve the right to place any included link in any categories of our choosing.


We screen new resources submitted for inclusion on Consumer Health Ratings as time permits. We may deliberately limit the number of categories and links in any given category or subcategory. As we become aware of improved sources of information, we may substitute, delete and expand links at our complete discretion. We may remove links, at our discretion, without any prior notification. We will not knowingly link to any sites that suggest or participate in fraudulent or illegal activity. We will select topics and content to address the needs and interests of large or selected groups of people, rather than any specific patient’s condition or interest.

Editorial Independence

Neither advertising nor sponsorship will influence this website’s content or editorial position. Sites with the Editor’s Pick designation may represent a convenient starting point for our visitors, and do not constitute recommendations at this time. In general, Consumer Health Ratings determines the healthcare ratings field to be in its early stages, and all known ratings programs and credentials reports have room for improvement before they meet the highest standards to become a Recommended site.


We collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless otherwise stated or unless you choose to provide this information to us. All personal information you provide in corresponding with us via this site is kept confidential, but please do not convey your personal health information to us. Email and online forms can be intercepted and therefore are not considered secure forms of communication.

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Permitted reproductions must retain all proprietary rights notices appearing on the materials. Questions regarding quoting from the site or proper attribution should be sent via the Contact Us form.

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